Worst Bollywood Comedy Movies EVER!

Comedy movies that made us cry.

Bollywood has produced ample of hilarious movies. They have made us laugh till we clutch our stomachs. Bollywood has produced some fine comedy movies, but it doesn’t mean that it has not got its own share of terrible movies that are sold with a ‘comedy’ tag over them. The movies are so awful that you might need some tissues to lament for the money you lost over buying their tickets. Here is a list of worst Bollywood comedy movies EVER!

1. Humshakals

If you want to know how it feels to go braindead while being a fully functional human being, we suggest you to watch Humshakals. When there are so many duplicates in a single movie with no characterization and story, you are meant to feel like you want to curl up in a ball and cry. You might need to rewatch some of Saif Ali Khan’s classics in order to remind yourself that he is still the same guy you watched in Omkara and Kal Ho Na ho.


2. Housefull 2

Following Housefull’s success, Sajid Khan served us Housefull 2. Unfortunately, it was a tasteless movie with no redeeming qualities. Do you want to how Sajid Khan produces his movies? Cast multiple actors and give them the worst roles of their career. Think of the most ridiculous scenarios, and then watch an episode of Comedy Night Bachao for the worst one-liners. Voila! You have got a comedy movie. When you cast someone as talented as Akshay Kumar and produce such a bland movie, the consequence is meant to be disastrous not only for the audience but for the actor as well. Thanks to the movies like Baby and Airlift, we have still got faith in Akshay Kumar.


3. Housefull 3

Akshay Kumar loves to play with his fans’ emotions. He inflates our ego and makes us proud by doing patriotic movies. But then he reminds us that he has got certain friends from Bollywood who love to cast him in shitty remakes again and again. Once you get over the trauma inflicted by Sandy and Sundi, you may go to IMDB and curse the producers for creating a movie as pathetic as Housefull 3. Akshay Kumar should give up comedy and genuinely stick with the movies which are heavy on content.


4. Ready

Not matter how much you prepare yourself for ready; you will still fail to protect yourself from its bland dialogues and non-existent storyline. Salman Khan is Bollywood’s money-making machine. Salman Khan’s fans can pay to watch anything for as long as Salman Khan is in it. Such loyalty is amazing, but it shouldn’t encourage him to keep on recycling bad south Indian movies.


5. Happy New Year

Shahrukh Khan’s fans cried after watching Happy New Year. No, they were not tears of joy. But we felt like he betrayed us. After entertaining us with some of the best Bollywood movies, he has stooped quite low. Rohit Shetty and Farah Khan are doing their best to cast SRK in one of their so-called comedy movies, but we hope that Shahrukh Khan knows that we still love him in movies like Baazigar, Chak De! India and My Name is Khan.


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