Is Kahaani 2 As Good As Its Predecessor?

Trailer of Kahaani 2 is out!

Lots of sequels are coming out one after another. Some sequels manage to woo us while others just reduce the impact of the original movie and disappoint the audience. It is always a huge gamble to produce sequels, as it becomes hard to live up to the heightened expectations of the viewers. The past is the proof that Bollywood lovers haven’t really liked many sequels, and there are only a few sequels which could be critical as well as commercial hit.

So, which is the new sequel in B-town? It’s Kahaani 2! Its trailer is out on Youtube. Quite contrary to our initial worries, Kahaani 2’s trailer doesn’t disappoint us, and we have just one word for it: Phenomenal!

The trailer starts with a call hinting that Vidya Bagchi’s daughter is in some inexplicable danger. A very nerve-wrecking accident follows which causes Vidya to go into comma. It causes Arjun Rampal’s character to intervene and handle the hit-and-run case. The rest of the trailer reveals that the movie is going to run through flashbacks, as bits and pieces of Vidya’s life along with her daughter will be revealed. The story will jump from past to present, as a scene reveals that Vidya will come out of the comma in a very dramatic eye-opening sequence.

The story seems fresh, and we think that it can do well at the Box office. These days, viewers are focusing on content more, as compared to the star cast or dance numbers. It’s a refreshing change since some mind-numbing movies have become blockbusters in the past.

From the trailer, we can say that the movie is going to be thrilling. The tenebrosity of the trailer adds more flavours to it. There is no typical song playing in the background, and the movie is quite spooky despite no ghosts or jump scare. That’s the USP of Kahaani. It manages to bring our heart into our mouth with its mind-boggling twists and turns. The trailer has got a dark feel with a gloomy ambience. It’s a trailer done right, folks! We think that the movie is going to be as good as its predecessor, if not better.

As the picture that was released a few days ago revealed, Vidya Balan is playing the role of a wanted murderer and kidnapper named Durga Rani Singh. So, it seems like Vidya Bagchi is not just an innocent mother as she may like to pretend. She has got her own secrets, and they are going to crawl back into her life. Something seems immensely odd and creepy about Vidya Bagchi’s character, and we have to watch the movie to figure it out.

There are very few movies which manage to create buzz since the release of its trailer. Kahaani is one of them. We think that Kahaani will be one of those female-oriented movies which can be enjoyed by men as well. Kahaani 1 is the proof, after all. We really hope that Vidya Balan does a great job, and the movie crosses the milestone of 100 crore rupees.

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