Top 5 Emotional Scenes of Bollywood

Bring your tissues!

When it comes to making us cry, Bollywood does a great job. There have been several movies in which we have bawled our eyes out. Blame it on the storyline or the exceptionally good acting of the leads, these movies have made a special place in our hearts. There are particular scenes of various movies which tug the strings of our heart like no other. No matter how sad or happy the scene is, we just can’t help feeling emotional. Do you want to bring out all your hidden feelings? Then here are the most emotional scenes of Bollywood.

Kal Ho Na Ho

Kal Ho Na Ho was on a mission of making us cry like little babies. First, it made us laugh. Then, it made us cry a lot. Especially, the climax scene of the movie just brought out all our hidden emotions. When Naina sees Aman lying on the hospital bed, sick and dying, she breaks down. Even though we know from the beginning that this movie will end on a sad note, we still cry while Aman is dying. The movie is a great mixture of good storyline, great acting and perfect emotional scenes.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t feel overwhelmed with emotions during the last scene in which Munni finally starts speaking. Harshali Malhotra is the star of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Her each and every expression made us fall in love with her. She even managed to snatch away limelight from Salman Khan. During the last scene, when she yells ‘Mama’, the viewers just knew that this movie and child artist have impacted them in a huge way. Despite being a happy ending, it managed to bring tears in our eyes. That’s the sign of a captivating movie.

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti’s climax scene made us cry a lot. The movie was immensely impactful, and we believe that it has certainly managed to do what its sub-title stated: a generation awakens. The movie was perfect in every sense without getting over-the-top or adding masala to make it a mass entertainer. It has remained honest and raw and that’s why it managed to gain a special place in every Indian’s heart. The ending was shocking, as we didn’t expect the climax to be so heartbreaking. But there is some truth in it. And, Rang De Basanti helps us to open our eyes wide to the lies and betrayal going on around us.


Sadma is one of the most beautiful movies of Bollywood. Honest and innocent, it shows love in all its glory. But the climax of the movie brought tears in our eyes, as it was downright painful.


All of us are aware of Devdas’ story and how it ends. But during the climax scene when Shahrukh Khan is dying, the emotional impact is still huge. The phrase that he speaks in the background brings out the raw emotions of the viewers. No matter how many versions of Devdas we watch, the story will remain a classic.

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