Top 5 Unexpected Bollywood Movies Plot Twists

You didn’t see these twists coming!

Some Bollywood movies include such shocking plot twists in their narrative that we are left on the edge of our seats. While you might think that only Hollywood movies challenge you intellectually, we bet you never saw these plot twists coming into Bollywood movies. Plot twists not only add the much-needed spice in the movie, but it also makes us wonder about the movie for a long period of time. It’s the sign of a captivating movie, and some Bollywood movies have got it right. Here is the list of top 5 unexpected Bollywood movies plot twists.


Kahaani is one of the best mystery-thrillers produced by Bollywood. Laced with suspense and a puzzling plot which continues to get thickened, If Vidya Balan’s flawless portrayal of Vidya Bagchi won our heart, then the movie’s on-the-point suspense hooked us completely. The climax would leave you mouth wide open, as you’d have never guessed it coming. That’s what makes this movie utterly delightful to watch. It doesn’t think that the viewers are fool. The director is brave enough to not tone down the movie to make it ‘easier’ for audience to understand. Watch the movie and try to guess the plot twist on your own.



Ram Gopal Verma might not be producing good movies these days, but there was a time when he created some of the best thrillers in Bollywood. His movie, Kaun, stars Urmila Matondkar and Manoj Bajpayee. The movie starts with a creepy man seeking shelter in a woman’s house. Throughout the movie, it’s made to be believed that the man is a serial killer. But the climax would leave you speechless. Many questions would pop up in your mind, and we are sure that you’d like to re-watch the movie to figure out how you managed to miss the clues!


3 Idiots

3 idiots is a comedy movie which deals with some serious issues. While the movie starts, you get totally consumed into Rancho’s world. But various questions would crawl into your mind. Though, the biggest plot twist of the movie is that Rancho is not who he seems to be. You gotta watch the movie to figure it out!



Drishyam keeps on your toes. Ajay Devgn’s family is harbouring some secrets. When a child goes missing, they come under the scrutiny of police. Are they really innocent or just trying to fool police? The climax of the movie would leave you speechless.


Karthik Calling Karthik

Karthik Calling Karthik failed on the Box Office, but it tried to bring up an issue which has not been tried by any Bollywood director yet. As the movie moves forward, the plot gets thickened. The mystery behind the calls get heavier, and you are left wondering, “Who is the mysterious caller?” The caller has the ability to not only make but break Karthik’s life. With same name and same voice, this mysterious caller starts controlling Karthik’s life. The protagonist is suffering from a childhood trauma as well, but what if everything existed just in his mind?


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