Top 5 Dialogues of Ranveer Singh

Some memorable dialogues by Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh has shown his marvelous acting skills and quirky dialogue delivery in various movies. He is a rising star right now who is moving ahead in full speed. Here are the top 5 dialogues of Ranveer Singh that will make you fall in love with him all over again.

1. Bajirao ne Mastani se mohabbat ki hai, ayyashi nahi.

If there is one dialogue which made us fall in love with Ranveer Singh, then it is THIS. Bajirao Mastani was a soul-stirring love story, so it was inevitable that it’d contain some intense dialogues, too. Ranveer Singh made us believe in love that Bajirao carried in his heart for Mastani. And we rooted for them till the end because we wanted them to end up together.

2. Cheeteh ki chaal, baaz ki nazar aur Bajirao ki talvar par sandeh nahi karte. Kabhi bhi maat de sakti hai.

Ranveer Singh has proved what a versatile actor he is. His stern face, erect posture and disciplined voice suited the role. We cannot imagine any other actor playing this role as sharply as Ranveer did. And he nailed the role with this dialogue. We were transported to the era of Peshwas and swooned over the strength and determination showcased by Bajirao.

3. Meri mardangi ke bare mein aap gaon ki kisi bhi ladki se pooch sakte ho, report achchi milegi.

Let’s just agree with the fact that Ranveer Singh knows how to sweep girls off their feet. And this dialogue is the proof. Ram Leela was the first movie that exposed Ranveer Singh in all his glory. He made a huge impact on everyone’s mind through his role and we just knew that he is here to stay!

4. Bajirao Ki Raftaar Hi Bajirao Ki Pehchan Hai.

Ranveer Singh was badass in the movie. His fearless demeanour attracted us. Ranveer Singh attained the Marathi accent and we forgot that it was not actually the real Bajirao who was performing those action-packed scenes on the silver screen. It is a sign of a talented actor.

5. Name toh kamaal che, par surname bawaal che.

Ranveer Singh has made us cry, laugh and smile through his dialogues and acting skills. This dialogue from Ram Leela not only shows how talented the writer is, but the way Ranveer Singh speaks the dialogue is just phenomenal.



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