Top 20 Most overrated movies of Bollywood

Why did these movies work?

We love Bollywood, but it has tendency to go overboard and give us some utterly pretentious and overrated movies. Maybe it’s due to the demi-god status of the actors that their fans overrate the movie while ignoring the hard work and quality of some not-so-famous movies. Here is the current Bollywood news. Take a look at these 20 overrated movies of Bollywood.

1. Bodyguard

Bodyguard boasts of a shoddy script, poor acting by the leads and average cinematography. It is one of those few movies which earned a lot and made it to current Bollywood news but affected the standards of Bollywood.

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2. Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan boarded the masala-movies express and the venture turned out to be profitable. But it ruined Shahrukh Khan-the actor, and we are still waiting for him to deliver a pathbreaking movie again.


3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The modern-day Bible of the youngsters, YJHD is nothing but typical masala movie by Karan Johar which has the amalgam of dancing, singing, marriage and an annoying love story between the leads.

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4. Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan’s choice of movies are perfect except for this one time when he decided to star in the pretentious Dhoom series. We are happy that he came back on the right track after the movie.

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5. Happy New Year

This no-brainer was churned out by Farah Khan. It really hurts us to see talented actors like SRK, Boman Irani and Deepika Padukone are turned into clowns in this movie.

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6. Dabangg

Salman Khan is giving us Dabangg sequences continuously but why? The movie is poorly written, Salman Khan still doesn’t know how to act well, and the movie is typical Bollywood masala.


7. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

ADHM was in a lot of controversies and was in the headlines of the current Bollywood news of that time. All of it worked in its favour. The movie didn’t deserve half the amount of attention that it actually received. The movie is bland with no storyline whatsoever.

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8. Ready

Salman Khan is the ambassador of these no-brainers. He was the one who introduced this genre in Bollywood, and we are still coping through their after-effects.

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9. Ghajini

Aamir Khan’s fans think that Ghajini is some kind of a masterpiece, but you are better off watching Christopher Nolan’s Momento. There is nothing original about Ghajini, and that’s its biggest downfall.


10. Housefull

Why in the world do people pay to watch this movie? One one hand, Indian audience encourages movies like Pink and Udaan; on the other hand, they still go for regressive comedies like Housefull.

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11. Dilwale

It’s still a mystery what caused Shahrukh Khan and Kajol to opt for this Rohit Shetty movie. It destroyed our favourite Bollywood couple for us.

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12. Krrish

Hrithik Roshan is famous as the Indian Superhero, but one glance at movies like The Dark Knight and Guardians of the Galaxy and we would realize how far behind we are.


13. PK

Between PK and OMG, the latter is a better movie. PK is pretentious and tries too hard to preach. Whereas OMG couldn’t cross ever the 100-crore mark, PK broke all records. That’s the sad reality of our country.


14. Sultan

Some of the fans of Bhai dare to say that Sultan is an intellectual movie. It’s nothing but fanservice. Sultan is all about Salman Khan, and still holds on to some regressive points.


15. Kick

Kick kicked our brain cells. Here’s a fun fact. It’s written by Chetan Bhagat. This movie is one of the worst movies of Bollywood, and people paid a lot to watch this movie. Salman Khan’s fans proved their loyalty through this movie.

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16. Sarkar

It’s high time that Bollywood directors make notes by watching criminal movies like The Godfather, as even after all these years, we are still churning out potboilers like Sarkar.


17. Ramleela

Some of the Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s fans love Ramleela. We agree that their performances in the movie were great and that’s why they were in the current Bollywood news, but it is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s weakest work ever.


18. Om Shanti Om

Shahrukh Khan wasn’t effective in Om Shanti Om. Even though the movie entertained masses, it failed to come up to SRK’s level.

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19. Student of the Year

Karan Johar introduced three gorgeous actors to the industry through SOTY. But we believe that if they were not star kids, they may not have gotten any attention for such a terrible movie.


20. Golmaal

Rohit Shetty is trying to earn as much money as he can by producing sequels after sequels of Golmaal. It’s enough, and we can’t take it anymore.


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