Top 10 Worst Bollywood Horror Movies

Top 10 Worst Bollywood Horror Movies

Bollywood movies are always famous not only among the Indian citizens, but they are even popular abroad. Bollywood has given us best and some really great movies for the past decades. Horror movies in Bollywood are also intriguing with their twists and turns, but there are some horror movies that have horribly failed to acquire the box-office. Some worst Bollywood horror movies are as follows:

  1. Phoonk 2

The sequel of “Phoonk” directed by Ram Gopal Verma was not as good as the first one. Though the cast was full of talented actors, the film failed and was not appealing at all to the audiences.

  1. 1920: London. Fear Strikes Again

Multiple horror twists and turns that are not connected strongly with each other, the film is a disaster and nothing else.

  1. Help

Bobby Deol and Mugdha Godse starring film “Help” had an inexplicable plot with the evil twin of Mugdha who tried to kill everyone in the family but there was no preciseness within the movie, and thus it was disastrous.

  1. Alone

This horror movie revolved round two conjoined twins among whom one got killed and became the disturbing spirit catastrophically making the life of her sister a living hell.

  1. Hum Kaun Hai?

With all the legendary actors in the movie, the plot remained unimpressive due to its senseless twists and uncanny activities that were futile to amaze the audience. Due to poor direction and weak story-line, the unnatural activities that were unfolded seemed very blur.

  1. Creature 3

This horror movie was simple a terrible one where the creature is nothing but a horrible looking monster who need to be killed by the protagonist keeping in mind all the religious beliefs related to it.

  1. Ghost

The script of the movie is not at all well-organized with the set made in ahospital, and for no reason, the members of the hospital were getting murdered by the ghost.

  1. Bandh Darwaza

The movie goes around the activities of a Dracula with other actors who for no reason get attached to the whole over-dramatic plot.

  1. Hisss

Jennifer Chambers Lynch directed this movie where she tried to make the protagonist stand for women and against all evils, but the story was not systematized and thus failed to make a mark at the box-office.

10. Papi Gudia

This movie from the 90s revolves around the black magic which was even worsened with poor script and direction.

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