These Throwback Pictures of Bollywood Stars are Adorable!

Childhood is the most memorable period of life.

Our Bollywood stars have spent a memorable and adorable childhood. Their childhood is not any different from ours. Family trips, toys and sweet giggles form a major part of their childhood as well. We don’t think anything is cuter than seeing our celebs in all their kiddish glory. As their innocent eyes, broad smile and rosy cheeks have been captured in the photographs forever, it’s no wonder that they grew up to become such gorgeous people. Take a look at these throwback pictures of your favourite Bollywood stars and feel the nostalgia of your own childhood all over again.

Shahrukh Khan


It’s crazy to see that Shahrukh Khan has not changed much since his childhood. He is still as cute as he was as a kid. The only difference is the fact that now he has got beard.

Salman Khan


Salman Khan looks as mischievous in the pictures as he was in real life. He was like that naughty kid who never gets caught. No wonder he is still as mischievous as he was back then.

Ranbir Kapoor


Ranbir Kapoor was adorable during his childhood days. He has carried forward his adorableness as he has grown into a young, talented man. But Ranbir Kapoor’s cuteness level is just totally awe-worthy.

Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif was as gorgeous during her childhood period as she is now. This throwback picture of Katrina Kaif just brings a smile to our face, as it’s hard not to smile on seeing such a cute girl with a broad smile.

Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar has totally changed. He used to be cute and chubby back then. Now, he is sharp and dapper. But we like both of these avatars of Khiladi Kumar.

Kareena Kapoor


Kareena Kapoor has not changed much. Her childhood picture just shows that innocent and cute side of Bebo. No wonder she was one beautiful kid.

Parineeti Chopra


Parineeti Chopra looks quite bubbly, naughty and happy in this throwback picture. It’s good to see that nothing has changed much.

Deepika Padukone


This throwback picture of Deepika Padukone is just downright sweet. Her dimples enhance the cuteness of the picture. She looks as innocent and beautiful back then, as she is now.

Alia Bhatt


Alia Bhatt was such a cute child. Her innocent eyes, chubby cheeks and small nose just make up for a lovely child. But it’s good that she has retained all the features till now. No wonder she still looks quite young and cute.

Shraddha Kapoor


Before being the gorgeous leading lady of various movies, Shraddha Kapoor was a cute kid. This throwback picture of Shraddha Kapoor is just too good. It shows how ordinary our Bollywood stars life was before they entered into the glamour world of Bollywood.

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