What We Think is Missing in Bollywood.

Bollywood is not perfect.

Bollywood is a different universe of its own. Each scene is narrated through a song, and each time a pair falls in love on the silver screen, their emotions are portrayed through a dancing sequence. No matter how bizarre and funny Bollywood is, we have grown to love it. Bollywood has become a part of our lives. You can take an Indian out of India, but you cannot take out Bollywood out of an Indian. Despite all its feel-good stories and emotional songs, we genuinely think that the following things are missing in Bollywood.

1. Good VFX

With the release of Bahubali, all the Bollywood lovers have found hope in Indian VFX teams, but there is still a long way to go. When movies like ‘The Flying Jatt’ are being produced to showcase their bogus VFX effects, it makes us genuinely wonder: How much time would it take for Bollywood to produce a movie as fine as Avatar?  It is not good to compare two movies, but we have certainly got a few benchmarks, and they must constantly motivate our directors to create better movies.


2. Amazing Storyline

Our Indian writers are as talented as any foreign writer, but they are still afraid to venture into the territory of good story telling. When books like Half-girlfriend are being turned into movies, a lone writer is working on his next epic fantasy saga. But there is no scope for fantasy or psychological thrillers in a land where a love story is must in order to earn a few bucks. We cannot wholly blame Bollywood for that. But it’s high time that our directors should start offering us something as good as Inception. The movie might not appeal to the masses, but it will certainly increase the level of Bollywood cinema. We might even win an Oscar after that!


3. Few songs and Less Dancing

We love those typical songs that Bollywood has got to offer. On one hand, we adore music directors like A.R. Rahman, but on the other hand, we genuinely wish the movie would have given up Pritam’s stolen songs. Everyone knows that we Indians enjoy dancing. All we need is a good song, and we can break into our dance routine in the middle of a road! But does it mean that we have to see an insanely handsome actor dancing amidst the crowd in order to impress the heroine? No matter how much we enjoy seeing Kareena Kapoor dancing her heart out, all we wish to see is a little realistic story where ordinary humans don’t start dancing out of nowhere.


4. Average looking actors

We know that you adore Hrithik Roshan’s chiselled face and Katrina Kaif’s cute smile, but it does not mean that Bollywood has to cast these incredibly good looking stars in each movie. Actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Irrfan Khan has broken the norm, but they are still not considered exactly ‘mainstream’. Bollywood should stop relying on an actor’s good looks to make a good movie and genuinely cast someone who is capable of pulling off the given role. How many of us could believe that Siddharth Malhotra didn’t want to marry someone as gorgeous as Katrina Kaif in Baar Baar Dekho? You’ve got our point!


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