These 25 Bollywood Posters are COPIED!

There is no creativity left.

Bollywood is known for copying storylines, music, dance sequences and even posters! It high time that Bollywood starts producing some original work otherwise it might lose its fanbase. We have brought one of the latest Bollywood stories to enlighten you about plagiarism and copies. It’s embarrassing to see that Bollywood is still resorting to these cheap tricks. Here is a list of 25 Bollywood posters that are copied!

1. R.A. One

Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious project, R.A. One, garnered negative publicity because of the uncanny resemblance to the poster of the Hollywood movie, Batman Begins. It was among the headlines of the latest Bollywood stories for a long time.


2. Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

While we love the storyline of ZNMD, we wish that Zoya Akhtar kept the poster as fresh as the story. ZNMD’s poster is copied from Hollywood movie’s poser, Lords of Dogtown.


3. Ugly Aur Pagli

The movie, Ugly Aur Pagli was not only weak in storytelling department, but it also lacked in creativity. It’s poster is copied from the poster of an American sitcom, ’til Death.


4. Phoonk 2

Phoonk 2’s poster is quite creepy, but all the credits go to the South Korean movie, The Chaser for the creativity.


5. The Lunchbox

While The Lunchbox is utterly refreshing among the latest Bollywood stories, we can’t say the same about the poster.  The basic style of the poster is copied from Looper’s poster.


6. Jannat 2

The basic design of the poster is directly copied from the poster of Mechanic. Too bad! We thought that Bollywood has finally become creative.


7. Aitraaz

While the movie, Aitraaz has its heart at the right place, its poster was an unabashed copy of the movie, The Graduate.


8. Bhoot

Bhoot is an easily forgettable movie, but we can forget the big sin the movie committed. Its poster is the copy of Final Destination’s poster.


9. Jism 2

After a lot of anticipation, the poster of Jism 2 finally got released. It garnered a lot of popularity and was among the latest Bollywood stories of that time. But everyone eventually realized that it’s copied from the poster of the movie, Skin.


10. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

While the poster of Jab Tak Hai Jaan is quite different in tone and colour, the basic idea is copied from the poster of Special Forces.


11. Heroine

No matter how sexy Kareena Kapoor looked on the cover of Heroine, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s copied from the poster of a music album!


12. Xpose

It’s a shame that the poster of an average movie like Xpose is copied from the The Great Gatsby’s poster. We don’t think Leonardi Di Caprio would be too happy about it.


13. Rowdy Rathore

Even though the poster of Rowdy Rathore has given it a heavy South Indian touch, but the similarities between it and The Replacement Killers’ poster can’t be concealed.


14. Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

The movie was watchable due to Paresh Rawal’s unmatched comic timing, but we can’t get over the fact that it’s poster is copied from License to Wed’s poster.


15. Anjaana Anjaani

Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor look downright adorable on the poster of their movie, but this cute pose is copied from the poster of An Education.


16. Ek Villain

We don’t think we are the only one who see the obvious similarities between its poster and Face off’s  poster.


17. Akele Hum Akele Tum

It’s insane how blatantly some Indian poster rip off the Hollywood posters. We think that the original poster is absolutely creative.


18. Hulchul

Even though Hulchul was hilarious, but we still can’t forgive for copying the poster of a Hollywood movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


19. Captain Nawab

This poster of Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming movie reminds us of the epic game, Call of Duty. Doesn’t it?


20. PK

Even Mr. Perfectionist couldn’t escape the curse of copied posters. Take a look at the poster of this portuguese music album.


21. Phantom

This poster of Phantom is a blatant copy of Homefront’s poster. Where is the creativity, Bollywood?


22. Murder 3

How eerily similar Murder 3’s poster is to Megan Fox’s movie, Jennifer’s Body!


23. Agent Vinod

Despite copying the poster Johnny English, Agent Vinod could never reach to its level of awesomeness!


24. Naksha

While most of you may not even remember that there was a movie called Naksha, but here is the proof that it existed! And it copied the poster of a Hollywood movie, Sahara.


25. Badlapur

While this picture of Gerard Butler from 300 is an infamous meme, but it became the ‘inspiration’ behind Badlapur’s cover.


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