Snippets from Shahrukh Khan’s TED Talk That Will Brighten Up Your Day!

Snippets from Shahrukh Khan’s TED Talk That Will Brighten Up Your Day!

Shahrukh Khan’s TED Talk is making rounds on the internet as the recent Bollywood news while garnering appreciation from national as well as international audience. He has showed it once again why he is considered one of the most well-spoken and witty actors of Bollywood. He is the first Bollywood actor who was called for a TED Talk. In fact, the recent Bollywood news have stated that Shahrukh Khan is going to host the TED’s first Indian television series. We are as excited as you are. Here is the recent Bollywood news. These are the snippets from Shahrukh Khan’s TED Talk that will give you all the wisdom you need.

1.”I truly believe that humanity is a lot like me. It is an ageing movie star, grappling with all the newness around itself, wondering whether it got it right in the first place and still trying to find a way to keep on shining regardless.”

2. “Neither power nor poverty can make your life more magical or less torturous… Whatever helps you survive is perhaps the oldest and simplest emotion known to mankind. And that is love.”

3. “But then I looked back and learnt from my country that it was they who made this Muslim child of a broke freedom fighter, the king of romance and theBaadshah of Bollywood and chose me to sell dreams. Yes, with this face…. I learnt from the land I come from, that humanity, just like me, will only evolve once it embraces and practices love.”

4. “I thought celiac was a vegetable, and vegan, of course, was Mr. Spock’s lost comrade in “Star Trek.You married the first girl that you dated, and you were a techie if you could fix the carburetor in your car. I really thought that gay was a sophisticated English word for happy And .Lesbian, of course, was the capital of Portugal, as you all know.”

5. “So you may use your power to build walls and keep people outside, or you may use it to break barriers and welcome them in.You may use your faith to make people afraid and terrify them into submission,or you can use it to give courage to people so they rise to the greatest heights of enlightenment.You can use your energy to build nuclear bombs and spread the darkness of destruction, or you can use it to spread the joy of light to millions. You may filthy up the oceans callously and cut down all the forests. You can destroy the ecology, or turn to them with loveand regenerate life from the waters and trees.You may land on Mars and build armed citadels,or you may look for life-forms and species to learn from and respect. And you can use all the moneys  we all have earned to wage futile wars and give guns in the hands of little children to kill each other with, or you can use it to make more food to fill their stomachs with.”

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