SHOCKING: This Young Actress Was Molested As a Child

She has taken a courageous step.


Bollywood celebrities don’t have as much of a perfect life as they portray on the silver screen. Despite having all the luxuries and comforts available to them, a few of them go through some unimaginable and horrendous incidents. With the aim of raising awareness among people, many celebrities have come forward with their stories. It certainly takes a lot of courage and guts to speak up about your issues. In this way, they are removing the stigma associated with various problems in our society.

One such commendable step has been taken by Sonam Kapoor. She was a part of a Rajeev Masand’s talk show. Alia Bhatt, Vidya Balan, Anushka Sharma and Radhika Apte were other strong ladies who joined the show. The main theme of the episode was related to women empowerment and geared towards various troubles including molestation and sexual harassment that a woman goes through. It was certainly an emotional episode for everyone present, as many of these issues go unnoticed. Despite the fact that women are achieving great things in the world, they are still victim to the thinking of patriarchal society.

Sonam Kapoor revealed that she was sexually molested as a child. She also stated that the incident was traumatizing for her. It was very brave of Sonam Kapoor to share this incident on National Television and to let people know that these incidents need to come into limelight. It was a very hard moment for her, as such things are not easy to confess. Earlier, Kalki Koechlin also came forward and revealed that she had been sexually assaulted when she was a kid. It is a very shocking revelation as we never know who is suffering behind the closed doors.

All the ladies that were present in the panel became quite emotional on hearing about Sonam Kapoor’s confession, and they extended their support to her. Despite being a part of the same competition, the interview showed that they are women first. And that’s why, leaving behind all their cat fights and competitive spirit, these Bollywood actresses came forward to support each other.

As a way to bring awareness in the society, this interview was proved to be really useful. Sonam Kapoor’s confession added to the much needed impact that will help people to know that it’s okay to accept that you have been through some traumatic experiences.

Since many years, women were asked to keep their mouth shut in the face of adversity. They were not allowed to even accept that they have gone through something as terrible as rape. Slowly, the Indian society is coming out of its shell. They are acknowledging various crimes that happen against women. The Indian law is also giving stricter punishments to these criminals and trying its best to create a safe environment for Indian women. And these brave-hearted confessions by our Bollywood celebrities is just a step in the right direction, as they are creating more awareness.

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