SHOCKING! Hollywood Used These Bollywood Songs

Hollywood gets inspired by Bollywood.

Several times, we have hung our head in shame, whenever we come across a Bollywood movie or song which has been copied from Hollywood. It has made many of us believe that Bollywood has no creativity. But that’s not always the case. Here is one of the latest Bollywood stories. There are several Bollywood songs which have been used in Hollywood (of course, with permission). Not only such incidents make us feel proud but they also remind us that Bollywood is still full of visionaries and creative minds who can offer something magnificent to the world. Here is a list of a few Bollywood songs which have been used in Hollywood.

Chhaiya Chhaiya – Inside Man

The upbeat tune of Chhaiya Chhaiya can make anyone groove. We can watch the video over and over again, as Shahrukh Khan and Malika Arora show off their perfect steps on a moving train amidst the foggy landscapes of Ooty. A.R. Rahman knows how to create magic, and he did so in the music album of Dil Se. But among the latest Bollywood stories, this one is shocking. Do you know that this superhit song has been used in a Hollywood movie, Inside Man, in the opening credits? It’s certainly a proud feeling to see one of the most popular Bollywood songs in a successful Hollywood movie directed by an oscar award nominee.

Mundeya Toh Bach Ke Rahi – The Dictator

All of us have enjoyed grooving on the beats of this Punjabi MC song, Mundeya Toh bach Ke Rahi. Its beats are addicting, and whenever this song plays in a party, we can’t help but bolt to our feet and get our Punjabi steps ready. But this amazing song has been used in a 2012 Hollywood movie, The Dictator. It’s a comedy movie, and the song may sound bizarre in the trailer, but it actually manages to pique our interest. We are glad that this song made it to international platform.

Bombay’s Theme – Lord of War

A.R. Rahman is the perfect man when it comes to music. He has won 2 oscars and one emmy, and he is always among the latest Bollywood stories due to his music. His music is different and soothing, like that was in the case of Bombay. The Bombay’s theme song is hypnotizing and takes you to a different world.That’s why Nicolas Cage’s movie, Lord of War, had its music in the playing in the background during a scene. The music certainly enhanced the impact of the scene and transported us to a different world.

Jaan Pehchaan Ho – Ghostworld

In this Scarlett Johansson’s movie, Mohammad Rafi’s famous song, Jaan Pehchaan Ho, has been used in the opening credits. In fact, a few scenes of the original song have also been featured in this Hollywood movie. The song gave a very artsy feeling to Ghostworld and it was great to see one of Mohammad Rafi’s songs reviving on silver screen.

Wada Na Tod – Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind

Lata Mangeshkar’s beautiful song, Wada Na Tod, has been used in one of scenes of this famous Hollywood movie. The song managed to show the eccentric side of Kate Winslet’s character, Clementine. While we search for the latest Bollywood stories, we often forget that some gems are hidden in the old ones.


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