SHOCKING: Another Bollywood Couple is Getting Divorced!

It’s a season of divorces.


Relationships and marriages in Bollywood go through extreme ups and downs. Despite the fact that these actors portray a perfect love story on the silver screen, there are times when they fail to play out the same story. Ample of divorces and breakups are happening in the tinsel town due to one reason or the other. It’s heartbreaking to see our beloved Bollywood celebrities parting their ways, especially when they taught us so much about love. Another Bollywood couple is heading towards divorce. Himesh Reshammiya and his wife, Komal, are getting divorced after 22 years. It’s a shocking news for everyone.

Himesh Reshammiya has entertained all the listeners with his heartfelt songs since many years. We have stayed up all night, listening to his songs. This news is certainly were surprising to each one of us. 22 years are too much, and it seemed like they would make it till the last. But that’s a bad news for every Himesh Reshammiya’s fan. After spending such a large amount of time in an apparently stable and happy marriage life, Himesh Reshammiya and Komal Reshammiya are separating their ways.

It’s been speculated that the main reason behind the divorce is Himesh Reshammiya’s extra marital affair. It’s certainly a shocker for everyone. Himesh Reshammiya never came across as someone who would cheat on his own wife. When so many years are invested in a relationship and the person still chooses to cheat on their partner, it makes all those people disheartened who expect relationships to be as perfect as they are portrayed in a Bollywood movie. Maybe that’s why Bollywood is considered an escape. They show things that are too good to be true. It’s certainly hard to grasp how Himesh Reshammiya can risk his twenty two years old relationship.

But Himesh Reshammiya claims that the divorce is happening in an affable state, and there is mutual consent involved. He stated that despite the divorce, they would remain an integral part of each other’s families. The decision of divorce has not created any rift among those involved. Himesh Reshammiya seemed to be positive regarding the future that involves him and his wife.

In fact, Himesh Reshammiya’s wife, Komal, is also optimistic about the divorce, and it seems like there are not hard feelings involved. She stated that they both respect each other, and hence, there is going to be no anger involved. Just like Himesh, she has also told the tabloids that despite the divorce, they will continue being a part of each other’s families.

So, it seems like all is not lost between them. It’s still not confirmed if Himesh Reshammiya has actually committed adultery, but the news of divorce will indeed break his each fan’s heart. It has been to seen how the entire situation would unfold. We hope that both of them would find their happiness, even if it doesn’t lie with each other anymore. It is a difficult time period for both of them. Hopefully, both of them would remain on amicable terms after the divorce.

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