Shahrukh Khan’s Best Villainous Acts Till This Date

Being bad is good for SRK!

In an era of Mr. goody-two-shoes, Shahrukh Khan cleared the clutter by introducing himself as an anti-hero. While most of the actors preferred to stick with innocent and good characters so as to establish a good image in the society, it was Shahrukh Khan who took such villainous roles and establish the kind of hero which was bad enough to scare us, but still, looked innocent enough to make us sympathise with him. That’s the charm of Shahrukh Khan. Now that Raees has been finally released in the theatres, we are excited to see SRK back as an anti-hero. Here is the news in Bollywood. Take a look at Shahrukh Khan’s best villainous acts till this date.


When Farhan Akhtar decide to remake the cult classic with Shahrukh Khan in the lead, we were not sure if it was a good decision. But Shahrukh Khan managed to pull off the role. His character is quite distinctive from that of Amitabh Bachchan. SRK owned the role of the new Don and the twist in the climax made the story refreshing. It paved way for the second installment in the series in which Shahrukh Khan had a very memorable and badass entry which made headlines in the news in Bollywood.

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Baazigar showed Shahrukh Khan as a pure villain. He even resorted to murders of innocent people for the sake of revenge. But did it deter us from rooting for a happy ending with him and Kajol in the end? Not at all. We enjoyed dancing along with them. When Kajol fell in love with him, we didn’t think for a second that she was doing anything wrong. We hoped that Shahrukh Khan would be able to lead a normal life after avenging his mother. It’s rare to be the kind of anti-hero who captivates the audience. He won many awards for his role and was among the biggest news in Bollywood at that time.

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Shahrukh Khan appeared to be truly psychotic in Darr. He was a hardcore stalker who made Juhi Chawla’s life, a living hell. The way he stammered her name in the movie has become so memorable that it makes us shiver even now. Throughout the movie, we can’t help but try to understand why he can’t be normal and live a normal life away from Juhi Chawla. We know it from the beginning that Shahrukh Khan is doomed, and we can’t help but feel a little sad during the climax. This movie is still considered as one of the best movies of Shahrukh Khan.



Shahrukh Khan was seen as a pure antagonist in the movie, Anjaam. Bit by bit, he destroys the life of Madhuri Dixit. We really hated SRK as the bad guy in the movie, as he went to any length in order to destroy a person’s life. The movie is pure thriller and will keep you at the edge of your seat.



Shahrukh Khan as the obsessive fan, Gaurav, is creepy. His over-the-top ways bring shivers down our spine. There is something dark and extremely unsettling about Gaurav’s character, and we notice it since the beginning. While Shahrukh Khan looked adorable as the superstar Aryan, but it was Gaurav’s character who stole the show and made it into news in Bollywood.

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