Rolfzens tough to tell apart off the court

One such occasion happened just last weekend following the Huskers’ 3 0 win against Georgia.

Cook was asked about his relationship with Lizzy Stemke, a player he recruited to Wisconsin and later coached with, who is now the head coach at Georgia. He said theyhave a close coaching relationship. Her family was in Lincoln for the matches.

Another light moment occurred last spring, and the story Cook told can makemany Nebraska fans feel better about themselves now as we embark on the next four years of having twin sisters Kadie and Amber Rolfzen playing for the Huskers. wholesale jerseys from china You think you’re a huge volleyball fan, but you can’t even tell twoNebraskaplayers apart without their uniforms? Join the club.

Cook admitted that even he once had trouble telling the Rolfzens apart. If the coach who offered them a scholarship when they were eighth graders can’t tell them apart, how is the casual fan supposed to when they don’t have their jerseys on?

Following volleyball matches, Nebraska’s media relations staff usually will bring two players to a room to be interviewed by reporters.

During the spring exhibition season, Amber Rolfzen was interviewed after a match. Kadie and Amber had graduated early from Papillion La Vista South to get a jump start ontheir Husker careers.

Later, Cook came into the interview room. He asked what players we’d spoken with, and I replied that it was either Kadie or Amber Rolfzen, but I still wasn’t certain.

Like a great coach can do, Cook made me feel better about myself.

“I’m the same way,” Cook said in March. “I just go like this: I look away, and go, ‘Kadie, come over here’, and see whichever kind of shirt she’s wearing. Then I know. Or I’ll be across the gym and say, ‘Hey Amber,’ and then I can pick it up.

Kadie says she and her sister were on to Cook’s trick, and sometimes would wait to answer him. They’d correct him quickly if he identified them wrong.

Amber offered some advice to tell them apart. Amber comes before Kadie in the alphabet, and Amber’s No. 5 jersey is before Kadie’s No. 6.

Another clue can be that Amber has a part in her hair when she’s playing, while Kadie’s hair goes straight back. In the Huskers’ most recent lineup, Kadie was hitting from the left side of the net, and Amber was on the right side.

And then there’s this bit of advice: Amber says her face is longer, and Kadie’s is more round. Aftercontemplating that for a moment, I just hope they always have their jerseys on.

“I justalways tell people, ‘I’m Amber; she’s Kadie,'” Amber says.

It was easy to notice Kadie last weekend during the first two matches of her Husker career, after shemissed the opening weekend of the season following a shoulder injury.

She led the Huskers in both matches last weekend, with 14 kills each in wins against Villanova and Georgia. She’s averaging a .333 hitting percentage.

There are players who hit the ball harder than Kadie Rolfzen in college volleyball, probably including Kelsey Robinson for the Huskers. What I was impressed with was how efficient Kadie was as an attacker for a freshman. Part of that comes from her athleticism Cook says she can touch 10 foot 4 on a jump and how fast her arm swing is.

Of course, it won’t always come so easy, as Amber Rolfzen has found out, but both playersare showing they can impact the match in many ways, such as passing and floor defense, which can be hard for players who are 6 3.

Duringhigh school volleyball, Kadie admitted she could mostly blast balls over and through the blockers. Against Georgia, she mixed up her shots.

At one point in the third set, Kadie had three kills in four rallies. She elevated over the block for an out of system kill, she went down the line for a kill, and thenshe hit a shot on such a tight angle to the middle of the floor that Georgia had little chance for a dig.

“That’s what great outside hitters do, they use the whole court, and off the block and out of bounds,” Cook said. “We call that attacking the edges. Jordan Larson was a master at it, and she’s even better now. That’s what the great outside hitters are able to do.”

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