Why Rock on!! 2 is Going to be Disaster at Box Office

There is no hope for Rock on!! 2


Rock on!! 2 was considered one of the most awaited sequels that were lined up to be released this November. The movie has finally released today. But Rock on!! 2 is not going to match up with its predecessor. In fact, we think that it’s going to be a big box office disaster. Don’t you believe us? Here are the reasons why we think that Rock on!! 2 would feel to match up with its predecessor.

1. Unpopular Songs

Rock on gave us some really memorable songs. Its songs became instant hit with the youth, and people can be found humming them even now. But unfortunately, Rock on!! 2 has failed to create the same kind of magic through its songs. In fact, people have not given a thumbs-up to any of its songs, as all of them are quite dull and ordinary. Several music videos were released, but no song could top the chartbusters and emerge as the winning song for the movie. If not a single song of a musical movie mesmerizes you, there’s something horribly wrong with the songs.


2. No Clue About the Story

Being a musical franchise, Rock on focuses on its songs. But these days, content is the main reason people got to the theatres for watching the movie. Rock on!! 2 has not revealed much about its story which ultimately makes people feel clueless. If audience is not sure about the kind of story a movie has got to offer, then they might not even take the risk and spend their money over a movie. Instead of promoting the dull songs, if Rock on!! 2 has focussed on promoting its story as well, it could have become a hit.


3. Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor’s voice is not suitable for the movie. Shraddha Kapoor has sung some beautiful songs in the past, but her voice is sounding downright bad in the movie. Blame it on the music, the lyrics or the style of songs, but Shraddha Kapoor has failed to pull off the songs, and made the songs a big failure for the listeners. In fact, the original title song, Rock on, is recreated in the movie. For as long as Farhan Akhtar was singing the lines, it was good. But as soon as Shraddha Kapoor jumped in, the song lost its magic.


4. No Promotion

No grand promotion has been done to release the movie. A concern was held for the Rock on team and they even made an appearance at Bigg Boss, but it was not enough to make people curious about the movie. Such cold promotional techniques can be proved fatal for the overall business of the movie.


5. Competition

Not only Ae Dil Hair Mushkil and Shivaay are still running successfully on the theatres, but Rock on!! 2 is getting a stern competition from the Punjabi movie, Chaar Sahibzaade, too. It’s going to be really difficult for Rock on!! 2 to make its way with its lackluster songs.


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