Rishi Kapoor sends abusive messages.

Rishi Kapoor is always in the twitter lame light. Rishi Kapoor has been in the news regarding twitter a number of times now. Sometimes he lands himself in trouble by speaking his heart out about what he feels and sometimes for just posting something controversial.

Ever since Rishi Kapoor joined twitter, he has been really active on it. Would not deny that his tweets have actually become something we look forward to because they are full of humour, wit and sarcasm.

But this time the reason Rishi Kapoor is under the twitter lime light is not because he posted something funny or expressed his thoughts but because he sent abusive messages to women.

Yes, you read that right. Rishi Kapoor has apparently been sending abusive messages on Direct messenger.

It all started with a quiz that Rishi Kapoor started on his twitter


To which people answered correctly.


But then of course some people started criticizing him


Rishi Kapoor obviously did not take this very well and lashed out, calling the person a dickhead


Twitter did not react too well to this and people started tweeting him including the two women he sent abusive direct messages to.


To this message of the woman, he texted her on direct message abusing her and then blocked her.


After Samina’s screenshot was posted on twitter, another woman came forward to inform that the same thing happened to her as well.



This is not all. After all this when asked why would he reply in such a manner, he said ‘Yes, I don’t deny those accusations. You don’t mess with me. I am not amongst those to allow such bullshit. You bloody don’t like me? Unfollow me. But you try and mess with me, I will hit you below the belt

and screw you. Main Pagal toh nahi hoon ki unnecessarily kisiko bhi abuse karunga? Kuch toh kia hoga na aapne?’

Well well well! What really can we say except to each, their own.

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