Rekha’s Tragic Love Life! gossip

Rekha and various men that entered her life.


Rekha is one of the most beautiful actresses that have graced Bollywood. Despite having a controversial life, she managed to remain at the top. She brought a new dawn in the Bollywood, as her bold nature, unabashed attitude and killer vibes were totally different from the stereotypical woman that the Bollywood used to have. While some people of the industry welcomed her with open arms, others decided to maintain some distance from the controversies and drama that surrounded Rekha. But none of it affected Rekha. She continued to be her fearless self. But despite having all the success that she ever wanted, one aspect of her life remained unfulfilled. She could never experience a stable love life.

Rekha’s name is linked with Amitabh Bachchan since a long, long time. It’s been said that Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha wanted to marry each other, but it could never happen due to the commitments Amitabh Bachchan had towards his family. It broke Rekha’s heart. It’s quite evident how badly she was in love with Amitabh Bachchan. Even to this date, she only has good things to say about Amitabh Bachchan, and her lovelorn heart is still visible behind her gorgeous smile.


But Rekha tried to find happiness. She married a businessman, Mukesh Aggarwal, in the year 1990. But her happiness was short lived.  He committed suicide in the year 1991 when she was not in India. It certainly hit hard, as Rekha went through this depressing period of her life. While Journalists and reporters never left her alone during this period of time, many fingers were pointed at her. Directors like Subhash Ghai and actors like Anupam Kher labelled her a vamp. It’s been said that Mukesh Aggarwal was clinically depressed, and it led to differences between him and Rekha which ultimately caused the downfall of the marriage.


That’s not all. Rekha’s name has also been linked to Vinod Mehra. There were rumours that she was married him, but Rekha denied all such rumours. They shared a good rapport but there was nothing romantic between them. In fact, in one of the shows, Rekha stated that Vinod Mehra is her ‘well-wisher’. She was also linked to other actors like Jeetendra, but she humbly denied all these rumours. At some point, she was tired of all these rumours, but it didn’t stop media from making assumptions about her love life.


Despite the death of her husband, Rekha still chose to have vermillion on her head. It shocked many people. While some stated that it was an insult towards the Indian culture and tradition, others assumed that she must be married to someone. Some people has gone as far as to say that she put the vermilion for Amitabh Bachchan. No one really knows the truth. Rekha said that she only carries it for the sake of fashion and there is no hidden meaning behind it.

Rekha is one of the most mysterious Bollywood actors of all times. Her love life will also remain a puzzle that cannot be solved easily.

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