Regional Actors that we’d like to see Making it BIG in Bollywood

Regional Actors that we’d like to see Making it BIG in Bollywood

Regional cinema is growing in an incessant speed. Just a few years ago, Regional cinema was considered to be low in budget and bland as compared to the glitzy world of Bollywood. While Bollywood continues to be the biggest cinema of India, regional cinema is catching up. Its actors are getting immense recognition on the national as well as international scale. It’s high time that Bollywood opens its doors for the regional actors. Here is the latest news in Bollywood. These are the regional actors that we’d like to see making it BIG in Bollywood.


After Bahubali’s success,Telugu actor Prabhas, has become the most sought-after actor in India. Not only has Bahubali smashed all the previous Bollywood records, but it has also created some magnificent ones. Prabhas’ acting has attracted a lot of audience to the theatre. He is on the front page of all the latest news in Bollywood. It is said that Karan Johar wants to launch Prabhas, but it’s yet to be seen. Prabhas has not only showed his immense star power through Bahubali, but has also shown that you don’t need a ‘Khan’ or ‘Kapoor’ as the surname to be succeeded.

Rituparna Sengupta

With Rajkahini, Rituparna Sengupta has shown that she has got acting skills like no other. While in Bollywood, Begum Jaan was produced, but Vidya Balan couldn’t match up to Rituparna’s level. Her intense acting and variety of emotions make her a perfect actress. While she has worked in some Hindi movies, but she could never get the deserved recognition in the tinsel town. As the Bollywood industry is growing and giving chance to the actresses of all the ages, we hope that Rituparna Sengupta can get a good role (and not just end up playing the role of hero’s mother who is exactly of her age).

Neeru Bajwa

As per the latest news in Bollywood, Diljit Dosanjh is doing great in Bollywood. But it would have been amazing if more regional actors were welcomed by Bollywood. Neeru Bajwa is among the mos famous Punjabi actors. She has worked with Diljit Dosanjh in Jatt and Juliet, which is one of the biggest hits of Punjabi Cinema. Besides her strong acting skills, Neeru Bajwa has got a great screen presence. We are sure that with right roles, she can shine in Bollywood.


You might have seen Siddharth in Rang De Basanti. Despite his strong acting skills, he never got a chance to work in better Bollywood movies. He is a reigning star of Tamil cinema, and is always a part of the latest news in Bollywood for his social works and good nature.

Rinku Rajguru

Famous for being the main lead in the superhit Sairat, Rinku Rajguru is a young teenage actress who has got a lot of energy and  charm. Her movie, Sairat, was a part of all the latest news in Bollywood because no Marathi movie had ever seen as much success as Sairat did.

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