Reasons to watch 31st October this weekend

31st October should be on your list this weekend.

31st October is an upcoming Bollywood movie releasing on 21st October 2016. It’s starring Vir Das and Soha Ali Khan. Directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil, the movie is inspired by the 1984 riots. Following the murder of Indira Gandhi by her two Sikh bodyguards, a storm enveloped the capital of India and Punjab. Sikhs were targeted and killed. The entire community had to pay the cost of something they didn’t even indulge in. This incident made everyone question: Are we really as secular as we think? 31st October has resurfaced the painful memories of the past and reminded us that hundreds of Sikhs are still fighting for justice. Here we are presenting the reasons to watch 31st October.

Inspired by True Story

The movie has brought alive the horror of the riots when they took place in the year 1984. Lots of Sikh families got destroyed due to the senseless cruelty displayed against their community. Everyone forgot how sacrificing and supportive Sikhs are. In fact, many Sikhs have always been an integral part of Indian army. But one seed of hatred gives rise to an entire tree of hostility and abomination.


No Masala, Pure Content

We are living in a generation where every movie has to be spiced up in order to cater the needs of mass audience. It is very difficult to find a Bollywood movie which solely focuses on executing a story in its purest form. Directors look for famous faces who can groove their bodies on songs just to attract the movie-goers. It’s a bold step by Shivaji Lotan Patil to stay true to the sensitive subject without letting it become a masala-packed movie only meant to earn bucks without respecting the sentiments of a community which suffered in silence.


Low on Promotion

31st October has not invested in huge-budget promotions. It is high time that we start praising the movies which might not be made on big budgets, but they have an important story to tell. We get so awestruck by the colossal promotions done by our stars that we often forget that these underrated movies need our attention, too.


Controversial but Courageous Topic

No one in Bollywood had actually tried to choose 1984 riots as the topic to base their film on. Blame it on its sensitive nature or the fear of getting banned, but 1984 was a story that needed to be told in Bollywood. As a Punjabi movie, Punjab 1984 had already released and won the National Award for Feature Punjabi Film, it was high time for Bollywood to bring this story to a wider audience.


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