Here is why A.R. Rahman is the King of Music

Here is why A.R. Rahman is the King of Music

A.R. Rahman has been touted as the ‘pride of India’. And it’s for all the right reasons. He also became the first music director to receive an Oscar. The music of his each and every song touches you, twists you and turns you more profound and awakened than you were before. No wonder that A.R. Rahman is in so much demand even after so many years. He is still ruling the recent Bollywood songs playlist. He never stops experimenting and brings new kind of music with each new music album that he releases. Here are the movies and their music that make A.R. Rahman that King of Music.


Roja’s album is evergreen. It’s each and every song speaks to you at so many levels. Be it ‘Ye Haseen Wadiya’ or ‘Chhoti Si Aasha’, each song takes you to a different planet altogether and makes you feel a lot of emotions together.


Bombay has a variety of songs that have not lost their freshness till this date. The epic ‘Humma Humma’ just got remixed and became one of the biggest hits among the recent Bollywood songs. The rest of the Bombay’s songs like ‘Kehna Hi Kya’ and ‘Tu Hi Re’ still hold a special place in the playlist of music lovers.

Dil Se

The impact of Dil Se’s songs still lingers. The passion and agony of the lovers came alive through the songs. One can listen to the jukebox of Dil Se on loop and can never get bored. None of the recent Bollywood songs can come even closer to the album of Dil Se.


Saathiya’s songs came as a fresh breeze amidst the stale and dull musical numbers. It’s each and every song hit a chord with the listeners and developed a special place in the Bollywood chartbusters.


Swades’ songs are not for everyone. While some people might find them a drag, a true music lover would be able to appreciate the simplicity and connectedness to the nature that Swades’ songs carry. Songs like ‘Yu Hi Chala Chal Rahi’ and ‘Swades’ became hits despite being different from the mainstream music. Only A.R. Rahman could do that.

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti’s title song still booms into our ears. The movie has songs perfectly fitting each situation in the movie. And surprisingly, each song is different and carries a specific meaning to it.


Highway is one of the most underrated music albums of Bollywood. A.R. Rahman weaved his magic through the use of instrumental and electric music. His innovative tendencies are clearly transparent through the wide variety of songs that Highway carries. Be it using the Harayanvi Lullaby ‘Sooha Saha’ or Kabir’s Dohas, A.R. Rahman has certainly created one of the most beautiful albums of Bollywood through Highway.


Rockstar’s album is one of the main reasons that the movie could do so well on the Box Office. It’s each and every song is so deep and meaningful, that you can’t help but be lost in the lyrics. But what makes these lyrics more magical is A.R. Rahman’s music. Be it the softness of Tum Ho or the Rock music of Nadaan Parindey, A.R. Rahman stretched his boundaries and showed us why he is the best in the business. Many recent Bollywood songs have tried to match the level of fame that Rockstar’s songs attained, but that kind of success has not been recreated yet




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