New Mommies of the Tinsel Town

Cute babies have come in Bollywood

Tinsel town is filled with lots of good news. On some days, they come in the form of good movies, but on other days, they come in the form of cute babies. Lots of Bollywood celebrities are turning into mommies, and we can’t help but gush over their cuteness. Their babies are just as adorable as their mothers, and we are sure that they are going to rock Bollywood in the upcoming years. Here is a list of new mommies in the tinsel town.


Mira Kapoor

Mira Kapoor was hitting the  headlines since the day she was selected by Shahid Kapoor for marriage. It was like a fairytale for all the girls, as an ordinary DU student was getting married to the handsome hunk, Shahid Kapoor. Their marriage was heavily covered by the media as well. Shahid Kapoor flooded our instagram and facebook timelines with his lovely pictures along with Mira. So, they are living a really happy life together. And another person has been added to their family. They have given birth to a baby girl. By taking an amalgam of their first names, they call their baby ‘Misha’.


Genelia D’souza

Genelia D’souza and Ritesh Deshmukh make up for the most loved pair in the Bollywood. They are just too adorable for words, and there are very few couples who are universally liked by all. Their sweet and down-to-earth nature makes them very relatable. Their first son, Riaan, was born in 2014. This year, they have given birth to their second son. Isn’t it adorable to see them expanding their family and spreading their cuteness across the entire Bollywood. Amidst the breakups and divorces that go on in Bollywood, Genelia D’souza and Ritesh Deshmukh give up some hope.

bollywood actress wedding

Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee has always been everyone’s favourite. Her quiet nature, sweet smile and infectious laughter make her one of the most adorable celebrities. She has never been a part of any scandal and neither has she ever tried too hard to gain unnecessary attention from media. She got married to Aditya Chopra in a hush hush ceremony. They seem really secure and comfortable in their life without creating any trouble or controversy. They have given birth to an cute baby girl called Adira. They have chosen this name by mixing up their first names together.


Geeta Basra

Geeta Basra and Harhajan Singh shared a long relationship before finally tying the knot with each other. They seem really content with each other and are leading a very successful life. This year, they have given birth to their first daughter. She is known by the beautiful name, Hinaya Heer Plaha.


Aamna Sharif

Aamna Sharif got married to the film producer, Amit Kapoor, in a grand wedding. Even though Aamna Sharif couldn’t establish herself as a successful actress, but she is certainly living a successful personal life. She seems to be happy, enjoying the perks of a happily married life. They gave birth to a son. They have given a very peculiar name to the baby. They call him Arain. The baby is as healthy and sweet as his mother.


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