Movie Review: Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Movie Review: Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Now that’s a really courageous move, to make a film on the legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. Previously Bollywood has made various movies on famous personalities and now it is all about Sachin Tendulkar.

The movie is what lies in the name, the life of this legend and his achievements throughout his career. The movie focuses on his dedication towards the sport. The dreams that he wanted to achieve and all sort of inspiration that he got from his near and dear ones. With the commencement of the film we get to see a ten year old Sachin who is watching the glorious moment when India, for the very first time, achieved its World Cup trophy, in the year 1983.

The film nicely depicts the fortune of this cricketer which is related to thousands of dreams of his fans and mostly the pride of our country. When you go through this whole movie that is purely based on his life and career, you can get a more detailed account of the cricketer, not only as a sportsman, but also as a human being. You can get a sneak peek about what he likes and loathes. A true documentary indeed, the movie is the best gift a director can give to the fans of this legendry sports person. The best moments of his career and games he played has been portrayed in a manner so that the audience can understand the whole stuff without missing out the significant parts from the movie. But for those who want a detailed picture of his life other than cricket, then this movie is not the exact medium you are looking for.

There are some visual treats for his fans as the picture has shown his happy moments and how he celebrated them with his family and friends, is there in this documentary film. Sachin: A Billion Dreams is made purely taking the aspects that the cricketer wanted to share with the fans, keeping aside the controversial part of cricket. It is an absolutely engrossing film where he told much about his couch and how his couch trained him only to achieve and dream for the best. Every precious moment in his life has been portrayed pleasantly like the moment when he first held his new-born and also the time when he lost the matches and everything that made him one of the best cricketers of the world.

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