Legendary Bollywood Movies You Didn’t Know Were Copied Part – 2

Legendary Bollywood Movies You Didn’t Know Were Copied Part – 2

Though the good movies of Bollywood are often celebrated, and we like to catch the movies whenever we get time from our busy schedule, we frequently do not get much information about the making of the films. At times the directors and producers do mention the inspiration that has been taken from another film, but in general, most of the directors do not mention and copy the major portions ofany other movie, even without taking their consent.

Here are some of the well-known movies of the 90s, which have been copied from Hollywood movies:

  1. Baazigar:

The movie Baazigarwhich was released in1993 has been copied from the Hollywood movie “A Kiss Before Dying.” Both the films are based on the similar theme and plot where the protagonist takes revenge from a person who has ditched the hero’s family and took over their business.In the process of revenge, the protagonist had relationships with both the daughters of the villain so that he can take the revenge successfully.

  1. Dushman:

Dushman was released in the year 1998, which was copied from another Hollywood movie, “Eye for an Eye.” The English movie was based on thepsychologicalthriller, and both the plots of the two movies are almost same where the story goes round the woman who formed her own way to seek justice and thus took revenge from the murderer who killed her daughter or her sister.

  1. Agneepath:

The major character of Amitabh Bachchan in this movie “Agneepath” which was released in the year 1990 was truly an inspiration from the character of Al Pacino that was shown in the movie “Scarface.” Both the characters in the individual movies emerge from a low life in search of a better respectful life where they both end up becoming a prominent mafia of the town.


  1. Aradhana:

The movie Aradhana made in the year 1969 was one of the romantic movies of the time, whichwere copied from the movie, “To Each His Own.” In both the movies, the single unwed mother who gave birth to her child had to give up the baby to keep away from scandal.

  1. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar:

This movie, whichwas released in the year 1992 revolves around the similar plot that was shown in the English movie “Breaking Away.” Both the films have shown the cycle race which was the major part of the movie.

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