Learn Parenting From These Bollywood Celebs!

Learn Parenting From These Bollywood Celebs!

While you might think that due to being surrounded by media and work stress, our Bollywood celebs may hardly get time for their family, it’s actually not true. Some of the Bollywood celebs are as great parents as amazing actors they are. While adjusting their shooting schedules and travelling across the world, they still manage to make time for their kids and their special moments. These Bollywood celebs certainly give us some great parenting goals. Here is the recent Bollywood news about the celebs that are best in parenting! Take some notes from them, folks!

Shahrukh Khan

If there is one man from Bollywood who has charmed the women across the world, it’s none other than Shahrukh Khan. All of us know how much he loves his kids, as he never leaves a chance to show how much his kids mean to him. His each confession of love towards his kids become recent Bollywood news.Shahrukh Khan is like a friendly figure for his kids. While he is very cool with his oldest son, Aryan, he is a little possessive about his girl, Suhana. And AbRam is like a toy for Shahrukh Khan, as he takes him along wherever he goes. He shares his inspirational anecdotes with kids and makes sure that they are on the right track.


Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is one of the best parents in Bollywood. He is not only indulged in giving good values to his kids, but also makes sure that his kids develop into wholesome human beings. Aarav and Nitara, Akshay Kumar’s kids, are certainly becoming good and intelligent, just like their father. Though Akshay Kumar is known to be quite protective of his kids and keep them as far away from the media as possible. So, his kids hardly make headlines in the recent Bollywood news and live a sheltered life. Akshay Kumar is a humble and kind human being and he is moulding his kids the same way.

Sushmita Sen

If there is one celebrity in Bollywood who earns our respect and admiration, it’sSushmita Sen. At the young age of 25, Sushmita Sen, adopted Renee. It was considered a bold move and was in all the recent Bollywood news of that time, as Sushmita Sen decided to become a single mother. She also adopted another kid, Alisah. She has never exposed the kids to the media, but has always focussed on keeping them as grounded as possible. Intelligence, kindness and humility—these seem to the main factors in Sushmita Sen’s upbringing of her kids. And we are sure that when they’ll grow up, the kids would turn out to be as amazing as their mommy!

Madhuri Dixit

Since after her marriage, Madhuri Dixit maintained a distance from the glamorous life of tinsel town. She has two sons, Raayan and Arin, who have been brought up to become polite and cute kids. She has a loving family with Doctor Nene, and it seems like she is managing her professional and personal life quite well.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai has proved that she is one of the best mothers in tinsel town. By the way she carries Aradhya close to her chest everywhere she goes, it certainly seems like this mother-daughter duo is quite connected to each other. While for some people, their kids become secondary. It doesn’t seem like the case for Aishwarya Rai.

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