Latest Bollywood Update- Karishma Kapoor was a 90’s style diva

If you are a 90’s kid, it goes without saying that this latest Bollywood update about Karishma Kapoor’s style statement back in the 90’s is going to make you nostalgic. Not only did we love her for her acting on screen, but we just loved her dressing sense too. Looking back now at her dressing sense, you will see the things Karishma wore in those days are back in fashion now. Karishma has experimented and looked good in everything right from Dungaree’s to hot pants to miniskirts and of course not to mention, saree.

Come let’s take a trip down the memory lane and re-enjoy Karishma Kapoor’s style statements from back in the days


Karishma Kapoor has worn and rocked her look in velvet. Then be it velvet sarees or pants or even blouses. She knew how to carry each one off with grace and beauty.

latest bollywood update


Metallics is a 90’s born trend and continues to be famous among girls even today. And considering the fact that it is a 90’s born trend, it goes without saying that it was definitely one of Karishma Kapoors favourite looks.

latest bollywood update

3.Over-sized Shirts

With the evolution of over-sized shirts to shirt dresses, over-sized shirts still continue to be our favourite. Take a look at this picture of Karishma rocking the look in an over-sized multi coloured shirt.

latest bollywood update

4.Slip Dresses

These are something you will find in every girls wardrobe who loves fashion. Thought the trend was new? No! Look at Karishma in a slip dress from back in the 90’s.

latest bollywood update


Today the world is going gaga over pastels. Everyone just seems to adore pastel colours. Look at Karishma Kapoor in this pastel summer dress that we all would love to own.

latest bollywood update

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