Latest Bollywood news- Saif Ali Khan may change son’s name.

Saif Ali Khan’s child has been a part of all latest Bollywood news even before being born, sometimes for the right and sometimes for the wrong reasons.

There is no doubt that Taimur Ali Khan is one of the most gorgeous babies we have seen in our life. Ever since the internet found a picture of Taimur, that picture has gone viral. The day that photo was leaked; Taimur was trending on all social media sites. He was on all latest Bollywood news.

But this is not the only time when Taimur has been all over the internet. When Saif and Kareena announced their son’s name publicly, Taimur not only became a part of all latest Bollywood news, but was also subjected to a lot of criticisms along with his parents.

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India being a country where people get over involved in issues that do not even concern them, people seemed really disappointed and angry with Saif and Kareena for naming their Taimur.

The reason for this kind of outburst and dislike towards the name Taimur was because Taimur sounds relatively similar to the name Timur and Timur was a Turco-Mongol ruler who had invaded India and had vowed to plunder it.

After several failed attempts to justify that the emperor’s name was Timur and his son’s name is Taimur, Saif Ali Khan decided to change Taimur’s name as he did not want his son to be unpopular for any reason.

But according to latest Bollywood news, mommy Kareena was not up for changing the name. And thankfully enough, Saif also decided to go against his decision after reading the note drafted to change the name.  The reason he cancelled it is because when he read the note, he thought it sounded pathetic and it was almost like he was apologizing to the public for offending them by keeping his son’s name whatever he wanted to.

Well, we would say Saif should not change the name because it really no one else’s business.

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