Latest Bollywood News- Good looking singers of Bollywood.

Of course we all have our favourite musician or a singer who are a pleasure to our eyes. But below is a list of singers who not only sing well but are blessed with extreme good looks as well. Let’s have a look

1.Armaan Malik

We first saw Armaan Malik in a singing reality show when he was a kid. Now all grown up,  Armaan has women swooning all over him not only because of his magical singing but also his good looks.

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2.Arjun Kanungo

With the looks of a model, Arjun Kanungo plays the guitar and the piano. Arjun at the age of 18 opened his own recording studio in Mumbai. He is not only a successful musician and entrepreneur but is also blessed with very good looks.

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3.Keegan Pinto

Famously known as the ad-guru and ex-creative director of MTV, Keegan Pinto is a poet and melody maker. He made his debut as a music director in the movie running, for which he wrote and composed two lovely songs. With his style sense and the personality he has, he is definitely one of the most attractive looking singers in the industry.

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4.Shekhar Ravjiani

Part of the famous Vishal-Shekhar duo which has been rocking the industry for a while now, Shekhar Ravjiani’s charm has never failed on women. A beautiful voice, powerful personality and extreme good looks, he’s every girls dream.

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5.Ayushman Khurrana

When you talk about complete packages, Ayushman Khurrana is one. When he first came in Roadies, no one thought he is going to be such a successful Bollywood actor one day. What came as a bigger surprise was the beautiful voice masked behind his face and the fact that he could not only sing  but compose songs also.

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6.Ali Zafar

Extreme good looks, a perfect body and a soothing voice which will get your feet tapping, Ali Zafar is a combination of all these things. His music is soothing to the ears and his good looks to the eyes.

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