Latest Bollywood news- Bollywood celebrities and their weight loss journey.

We are all aware that Bollywood celebrities put in a lot of hard work and effort to maintain their body. And when your livelihood depends on that, you obviously need to take extra care of it. But many of our favourite Bollywood celebrities had completely different bodies than they have now. But the way they have transformed is awe inspiring. From weighing a hundred kilo’s to having toned and sexy body, their weight loss journey is worth having a look at.

1.Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor is one person in Bollywood whose weight loss journey has been remarkable. The actor, who used to weigh a hundred and forty kilo’s at one point of time now, has a very well maintained body. He till date maintains a regime of twenty minutes of cross fit training to remain fit and maintain his body.

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2.Sonakshi Sinha

The actor who made her debut in the super hit movie Dabang, used to weigh over 90 kilo’s. She lost all her weight and got in a shape by a combination of cardio, hot yoga, tennis and of course following a strict diet.

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3.Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood’s style dive Sonam Kapoor, as hard as it is to believe used to be chubby and weighed around 86 kg’s when she was a teenager. She lost all her weight before her debut movie ‘Saawariya’. She shed all those extra kilo’s away by doing a combination of power yoga, Pilates, weight training and extensive training in Kathak.

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4.Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor who once used to be chubby was all over the news and talk of all latest Bollywood news when she lost her weight and became a size zero. People were attributing her weight loss to surgery and crash dieting measures, whereas the credit for her weight loss goes to her diet consultant Rujuta Diwekar who made Kareena follow a well-planned diet and power yoga.

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5.Parineeti Chopra

Last but not the least, Parineeti Chopra. Parineeti literally was on all latest Bollywood news, blogs, and social media after lost her weight. Determined to get fit, Parineeti did a lot of different kinds of things like horse riding, yoga, Jogging, running, etc. And there’s no doubt that Parineeti looks like a million dollars now.

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