Jagga Jasoos’ Poster and Trailer release: It’s magical!

We are up for a thrilling ride.

Jagga Jasoos remained in the controversies for one reason or the other. Not only the movie was getting incessantly delayed, but the news of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s breakup put a sudden halt in the production of the movie. But by keeping their issues aside, they managed to complete the movie with utter dedication and devotion. Now, after what seemed like an eternity, Jagga Jasoos is finally ready to roll out. We were surprised by the UTV Pictures when they released a very quirky and cute poster of the movie. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are captured riding an ostrich in a state of shock and fear. Have a look at the poster here.


Today, a sneak peek of 2 minutes has been released. And it’s already garnering raving reviews. Firstly, the cinematography has a very hollywood kind of feel to it. Due to Disney being the major partner of the movie, it seems like huge amount of money has been invested in the making of such perfect scenes.

There are lots animals present in the movie, and we couldn’t take our eyes off the spectacular landscapes that’s been shot. We cannot remember any Bollywood movie in the recent times which has come as close to perfection as Jagga Jasoos when it comes to direction.

The entire sneak peek is meant to give you a deja vu feeling, as it reminds of us Barfi. Firstly, Barfi was directed by the same director, Anurag Basu. Besides that, Jagga Jasoos also has the music by Pritam. The music gives the Barfi! feels. And finally, in the entire sneak peak, Ranbir Kapoor has not spoken a single dialogue. He has acted out each scene in a goofy way along with the magnificently gorgeous, Katrina Kaif. It is only at the end that Ranbir Kapoor finally speaks a dialogue and we are left in splits.

It is a musical drama, and it’s quite evident. In various scenes that were shown in the sneak peek, Ranbir Kapoor is seen producing music through utensils, shoes and various other ordinary items. The lack of dialogues were covered up by the music that made up the mood of the entire trailer. There was not even a single dull moment, and we bet that everyone is excited for finally getting something new out of Bollywood’s top-notch stars.

The movie seems to be an adventurous ride. Even though it is heavily promoted as a children’s movie, we are sure that if the storyline is great, adults are going to love it, too! There is a lot of action, comedy, thrill and goofy scenes that are going to hook each viewer in. The trailer will be released soon, and we hope that it’s going to be as much enjoyable as this video.

For this video and amazingly-produced music, we give Jagga Jasoos team A+ grade.


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