Hollywood Movies That Were Inspired by Bollywood

Hollywood movies and their Bollywood inspiration.

Hollywood has inspired many Bollywood movies. In fact, many of our Bollywood movies are blunt copies of Hollywood. But it does not mean that it is only Bollywood which requires some inspiration from time to time. Hollywood is not far behind. Here is a list of Hollywood movies that were inspired from Bollywood.

1.  A Wednesday – A Common Man

A Wednesday is one of the best movies of Bollywood. The original movie has Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah as the leads. This movie is packed with nail-biting moments and unique storyline. No wonder it is considered a gem. Hollywood made an official remake of A wednesday and called it ‘A common man’. It has the academy award winner Ben Kingsley in the lead.


2. Vicky Donor – Delivery Man

Amidst the garbage produced by Bollywood directors these days as comedy movies, there is one such movie which is a perfect mixture of comedy, entertainment and original storyline. Vicky donor is a bold movie which talks about the clandestine topic of sperm donation in a hilarious way. But do you know the it has inspired a Hollywood movie called A Delivery Man? Vince Vaughn is the main lead in Delivery man. Even though there were slight changes in the Hollywood movie, but the basic inspiration is taken from Vicky donor.


3. Jab We Met – Leap Year

We all fell in love with bubbly Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met. This movie by Imtiaz Ali won many accolades. Jab We Met and Leap Year have staggering similarities. Though the producers of Leap year have taken the stance that it is not inspired by Jab We Met, but the basic ideas of the movie seem highly similar to Jab We Met. Why don’t you watch it yourself and decide?


4. Darr – Fear

Darr is one of best psychological thriller movie of Bollywood. It established Shahrukh Khan as an anti-hero. The movie title ‘Fear’ is a direct translation of Darr. If this was not enough, the entire idea of love triangle is quite familiar in Fear. Moreover, the highly popular scene of Shahrukh Khan, stuttering ‘K-K-K kiran’ has also inspired this 1996 movie, Fear.


5. Rangeela – Win a Date with Tad Hamiliton

A love triangle between an ordinary lover boy, a beautiful girl and a famous actor. Does it ring any bell? Rangeela is a blockbuster Bollywood movie which immortalized Urmila Matondkar’s Rangeela dance. Besides a few differences and not having a Tapori character like that of Aamir Khan, Win a date with Tad Hamilton is glaringly similar to Rangeela.


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