Guess Who: This Superstar Has Been Labelled as ‘Arrogant’

A cold war has ensued.

Bollywood is full of cat fights, but when two male actors fight, it certainly astonishes us. These fights are generally colder and incline more towards a hurt ego. Even though many male actors have proved that they can be friends forever in Bollywood, but there are times when one person gets offended and hence, the war happens.
Recently, this Bollywood superstar has been labelled as arrogant by another actor. Surprising, the superstar and the actor has been friends since a long time and have also shared the screen space together in various movies and a TV Reality Show.
The Superstar is the highest paid actor right now, and his each movie breaks the records. He is the most wanted Bachelor of Bollywood with incessant charm and appeal. Whereas, the actor has just been released from the jail. He is trying to establish himself back in the industry and is looking forward to work in movies.
The actor owns a production house. As a way to establish himself back on the right track, he decided to cast the Superstar in one of his movies. It would have turned out to be a great comeback for the actor.
Unfortunately, the Superstar rejected the proposal, citing date issues. Moreover, he has other committments as well which has caused him to not be a part of the actor’s project.
It disappointed the actor, as he thought that since both of them had been such close friends, the superstar won’t ever reject the project.
So, in an interview, the actor was asked who he would label as arrogant from the film industry. In a blink, the actor stated the Superstar’s name.
It seems like an old friendship in Bollywood is turning sour. Can you guess who is the superstar and the actor involved in this conflict?

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