Guess Who: This Heroine Was Caught Bad Mouthing About Her Compeer!

It has certainly raised some eyebrows.

Cat fights in Bollywood are nothing new. That’s why, “Two actresses can’t be friends” is such an infamous statement in the tinsel town. Time and again, it’s been proved that two actresses cannot be on good terms due to one reason or the other.

Recently, a Young and beautiful Heroine was caught bitching about another actress in a party. She was lamenting about the fact that the actress didn’t deserve an award, as her fashion sense was not at par with her. Now, get this interesting fact straight that this heroine is known for her great fashion sense and style statement.

These two actresses used to be friends at some point, and they were in headlines for insulting a young actor together on a celebrity talk show. But nothing remained the same. Both of them are arch enemies now, and it’s not hidden from the world.

No one knows how trustworthy this award show is. As the actress was probably given an award, as she didn’t have any movie release this year to boast about. In fact, the heroine was also nominated for Best actress for her one movie which showed her true talent this year. She was a part of one of the best Bollywood movies this year. But she lost to her contemporaries. Surprisingly, it didn’t make the heroine disheartened. She took it sportingly and cheered for the one who won. But losing to her nemesis certainly soured the heroine, and she couldn’t stop talking about the unfairness in the party.

In another party, both the actresses were present under one roof, but the cold vibes that they shared could be felt by everyone present. In fact, at some point, the heroine refused to even acknowledge the actress’ polite greeting.

They have got bad blood for each other, and it’s quite visible in the way they try their best to ignore each other or taunt at any available opportunity. It doesn’t like they are going to become friends anytime soon.

In the tinsel town, the competitive spirit vanishes any friendly feeling that a person may carry for other.

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