Guess Who: This Bollywood Newbie Only Wants to Work with A-Listers!

She is already making demands!

This one-movie-old young actress has already been making waves due to her adorable looks and acting skills. She was praised for her impactful, albeit short role in her debut movie. She is also into headlines because she is dating a star kid who is also trying to establish himself as a successful actor in Bollywood. Due to her appearances in music videos and award shows, she has already become a known face in the industry and is looking forward to work in more movies.

But some sources have revealed that this actress has refused to work with another young actor. The actor has worked only in one movie till now. He has been a part of various controversies and a criminal case is filed under his name as well. She definitely wants to steer away from the actor who doesn’t only attract negative publicity but hasn’t established himself as a bankable star as well. But that’s not all, the young actress may only choose to work with actors who have already established themselves as successful stars in Bollywood.

This strategy can work in the actress’ favour, as it can give her the much-needed popularity and fame. This strategy has been followed by many actresses since a long time. But it can backfire as well, as most of the A-list actors don’t offer any substantial role to their female leads. So, the actresses don’t get much screen space to showcase their skills and end up being an eye-candy. So, if the actress is in love with her work, and not fame, she can take the chance and work according to the script, and not the actors.

The actress is indeed being quite intelligent with her choice of movies, and we have to see what the industry can offer her. Can you guess who this Bollywood actress is?

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