Guess Which Bollywood Couple is Moving in Together!

They are ready to deepen their relationship.

Bollywood celebrities have normalized the live-in relationships through their reel and real life. While many movies have been made on this topic, more and more young Bollywood couples are moving in together. Not only this step helps them to know how it feels like to live with each other, but also gives the much-needed space to both the people. Another Bollywood couple is planning to move in together.

The lady is among the biggest Bollywood actresses. With each passing year, she is becoming more and more talented as she is honing her skills. The man has already proved to the world that he is an extremely talented actor who is here to stay. Touted as the next Bollywood Superstar, the actor is taking some really challenging roles.

They have been rumoured to be dating since last three years, but none of them have come forward to fully accept their relationship status. They have worked in two movies together, and both of them rocked the Box Office. They are working on their third movie and are quite excited about the periodic drama.

While the lady was in relationship with an influential and young Bollywood star, the man has also dated a well-known Bollywood actress in the past. But their relationships didn’t work, and they found their way to each other. Both of them are still on good terms with their respective exes.

The actor is quite expressive of his love towards the actress. He has been spotted doing goofy stuff for her in front of media. Many people claim that he defines boyfriend goals for them. The lady love is more reserved with her feelings which have led many people to be suspicious regarding if she is actually serious for the actor or not.

Both of them are doing great in terms of career. Maybe that’s the reason they have decided to take a step further in their relationship. We hope that things turn out to be positive for them and they end up marrying each other. Can you guess which gorgeous Bollywood couple is this?

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