Guess Which Actress is Hanging Out With Her Ex’s BFF?

Something is cooking between the actress and the BFF.

In the tinsel town, when a single man and a single woman hangout together, they are often looked at with suspicious eyes. It’s an assumption that something is going on between them. Who can blame any of us to think so? When such attractive pairs are roaming around, our inner cupid wakes up and we start shipping random actors and actresses together. Now, no one can be sure what exactly are the Bollywood celebrities up to, but when they hangout with certain people too often, our radar goes up.

One such young and talented actress is under our scrutiny. She has broken up with her boyfriend in the beginning of the year. Her ex belongs to one of the most influential families of the Bollywood. After remaining heartbroken for way too long, she seems to have finally move on. Her Ex’s BFF, another young actor, is seen hanging out with her often.

The actress had a movie with her Ex’s BFF, and it was a dud. But it didn’t put any strain in their relationship. During the promotion of their movie, they were linked up. Their comfortable proximity and the affectionate aura they emitted made everyone feel like they are up to something. But since then, they have maintained a strict ‘just friends’ label in front of the media.

Recently, the actress’ Ex threw a party at his house. Instead of attending his party, his BFF decided to spend some quality time with his Ex at his apartment in Bandra. It certainly seems like that BFF has got his priority changed, and instead of being a part of the actor’s celebrations, he decided to be with his Ex.

We have to wait and see what the latest developments between these two will be. Are you able to figure out which Bollywood celebrities we are talking about?

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