First Picture of Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi

Born on 20th December, 2016, Taimur Ali Khan has been creating waves of news on social media. As soon as he was named Taimur and the news was made official, his name started trending all over social media with some people criticizing the name and the other backing the Khan family and saying it’s Saif’s and Kareena’s son and they can name him whatever they wish to.

Saif and Kreena, unlike other Bollywood parents have never kept Taimur’s face hidden from the world. The couple has always shared glimpses of their son ever since he was born and was resting in Mommy’s arm in the hospital bed.


That’s not the only time we managed to get a sneak peak of Taimur’s face. Even when Saif and Kareena took Taimur home from the hospital, they instead of shying and running away from the media decided to instead hold the baby proudly in their arms and click pictures with him outside their home.


With glimpses of Tamiur being shared on social media every once in a while and Bollywood celebs making statements about how beautiful the baby is, especially when Priyanka Chopra went on to say that he has got Kareena Kapoor’s pout, our excitement and eagerness has had no bounds to finally get to see his face.

Much to our surprise, our prayers got answered and Saif and Kareena actually decided to share an adorable picture of their newborn.


That blonde hair, round inquisitive eyes and indeed a pout like Kareena’s, makes Taimur in fact look like a royal baby that he is. Oh what a handsome boy he is going to grow up to be.

Can’t wait to see more pictures of this beautiful baby.

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