Bollywood Fashion Statements of the 90s

They know how to set trends.

Bollywood has given a lot of memorable styles to remember. In the 90s era, a few actors and actresses changed the wave of fashion and redefined attractiveness. Lots of people followed these fashion statements. To this date, these actors are known for their style. As years are progressing, actors are becoming less creative with their on-screen style, but it was in the 90s that each actor was known through his fashions sense. Here is a list of the most popular fashion statements made by the lovable Bollywood actors in the eccentric 90s.

Salman Khan’s Shirtless style

If you are a Bollywood lover, it’s impossible that you do not know about the infamous song ‘Oh Oh Jane Jana.’ It made Salman Khan one of the most attractive actors in Bollywood. With a guitar in hand and a blue denim jeans, he had no shirt on while he sang this song. Even now, Salman Khan is often asked to go shirtless and recreate the moment. Lots of guys followed Salman Khan and went shirtless. While it worked for a few men, as they attracted a lot of attention, but it was a big fail for others who made others cringe. Remember, you gotta have a body like Salman Khan to rock this style!


Raveena Tandon’s Yellow Saree

Who can forget the song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’? Raveena Tandon won a lot of hearts through her amazing dance and gorgeous yellow saree in the movie, Mohra. No wonder, lots of girls tried to mimic Ranveena Tandon’s charm and sensuality, as they bought their own yellow sarees. It is one of the most famous songs of Bollywood. Bollywood knows how to capture everyone’s attention, and they managed to do so through Raveena Tandon’s saree.


Madhuri Dixit’s Purple Saree

Hum Aapke Hai Kaun was a big hit in the year 1994. But something that set a trend amongst females was Madhuri Dixit’s purple saree. Due to the release of the movie, lots of similar sarees were sold in the shops, and girls showed off their dancing skills. The song ‘Didi Tera Devar’ gathered lots of popularity, and Madhuri Dixit’s dress was one of the key reasons. It is among the most iconic clothes of Bollywood. Just one glance at the dress, and we all start dancing and singing the song loudly.


Shahrukh Khan’s GAP sweatshirt

Shahrukh Khan got us hooked with his dimples, his charming smile and intense eyes. But there is another thing he got us addicted to. GAP sweatshirts. The movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was the reason that these sweatshirts attained popularity. We have to agree that lots of guys looked cool wearing this sweatshirt. Another thing that Shahrukh Khan made famous through the movie was the ‘COOL’ chain. Shahrukh Khan knows how to sweep girls off their feet through his fashion statement.


Kajol’s Maxi Dress

Dilwali Dulhaniya Le Jayenge not only gave us relationship goals, but they gave us lots of fashion goals as well. And one of the most prominent dress that caught our eye was Kajol’s maxi dress. Coincidentally, this style has already made an entry again in the market and it’s here to stay.



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