CSR Activities by Our Bollywood Celebrities

These celebrities are bringing a change in the society

Our Bollywood celebrities are involved with lots of social activities. They owe a lot to the society, and they try their best to support it in whatever way they can. It shows that our celebrities are not only kind-hearted but humble as well. Celebrities have started realizing their responsibilities, and hence, they try to make efforts to fulfill those responsibilities fully. Their CSR activities are making huge waves, and helping the society in a lot of ways. Do you want to know about the stars involved in CSR activities? Here is a list of a few Bollywood stars and their CSR activities that are changing the face of India.

Salman Khan

Being Human is not just a clothing brand. It is a great source of funds for the underprivileged in India. Started by Salman Khan in the year 2007, Being Human has evolved into a colossal foundation which has invested a lot in the education and healthcare of the poor strata of out country. It’s expected the by the end of this year, Being Human will generate a sales revenue of 300 crore rupees. It’s a big achievement for an Indian foundation, and since the name of Salman Khan is attached to it, it’s success was inevitable.

Salman khan in Bodyguard

Akshay Kumar

Everyone is aware of Akshay Kumar’s philanthropic attitude. He has always extended a helping hand in the times of need. He has also been awarded for his activities towards the society. He opened a cancer shelter in the year 2013 for the Naigaon’s policemen. Akshay Kumar doesn’t have a full-fledged foundation to support his activities, but he has always been in news for one effort or the other. He donated 50 lakh to the people who were affected by the drought in Mahrashtra. It’s one of the many efforts done by Akshay Kumar.

akshay kumar

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone’s narration regarding her battle with depression brought the much-needed light to the issue. She is trying to remove the stigma attached to mental illnesses. In an effort to do so, she has also opened a foundation called Live Love Laugh foundation. The foundation came into the limelight instantly due to Deepika Padukone’s name being attached to it. Many people have started associating themselves with the foundation and are becoming more aware regarding depression. Recently, her team also launched a video regarding it and many people have watched it till now. Through her foundation, she is urging people seek help.

deepika padukone

Gul Panag

Gul Panag is the wonder woman of Bollywood. An adventurer, traveler and supporter of goodness, she has done it all. She has been associated with a lot of projects. One of them was Shraddha which supported autistic adults. Besides that, she has also been a part of Shop For Change Fair Trade which supports fair trade for farmers. She is indeed focusing on some great issues.


John Abraham

John Abraham is a huge supporter of PETA. Not only that, he launched a project by the name of John’s brigade which works for providing shelter opportunities to all those people who are in need.


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