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Songs are a major part of any Bollywood movie. We breathe songs like the way we breathe air. Without songs, a Bollywood movie would be like a body without soul. Songs play a significant role in the promotions of a Bollywood movie. Time and again, it’s been proved that its songs turn out to be biggest reason why a movie became superhit. Be it aashiqui series, Guide or many other Bollywood movies, their songs attracted lots and lots of viewers in theatres and ultimately turned the movie into a blockbuster. Bollywood lovers are crazy about good songs, and Bollywood knows how to offer them to its lovers in the right dose.

Bollywoodsite brings you umpteen articles about Bollywood songs. We believe that songs are as important as a movie, so we don’t wish to leave out any song. From legendary singers like Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar to contemporary singers like Sonu Nigam and Arijit Singh, all of them are considered to be a vital part of the movie. Youtube has become a major source of revenue for the Bollywood producers, as songs like Tum Hi Ho or Gerua have gained over 100 million views! That’s the power of a good song.

Would you like to know about all the latest songs that are getting launched? You may want to read about some of the best songs produced by Bollywood, right?  Or you might be searching for a good Bollywood song that suits your situation will make you feel a little less lonely. Then you are at the right place! Bollywoodsite brings to you the best of Bollywood songs that will take you to another world, will make your heart warmer, or take you into a trance like state. Start finding your next best Bollywood song on bollywoodsite and listen to it all day long.