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Bollywood often follows the tried and tested route of producing movies that cater to mass entertainment. Be it romance, action or comedy, Bollywood likes to follow the cliché storylines that would entertain the public. But once in a while, some movies are produced in Bollywood which become the benchmark for every other movie. These movies drift away from the conventional Bollywood and carve a niche of their own. That’s why they are considered to be offbeat. Offbeat Bollywood movies might appeal to a particular section of the society or it can appeal to a wider audience as well. But each offbeat Bollywood movie has got something sensible and critical to tell.

Bollywoodsite brings you the best of the offbeat cinema that persists in our country. It will introduce you to a different side of Bollywood. A side which is heavily intellectual and eye-opening. It would awaken you to the realities of the society or it might take you to a dream-like state where nothing is reality. That’s what offbeat Bollywood cinema does. It gives you something solid to watch; something memorable to hold on; and something marvellous to remember. If you are not into mainstream cinema or are just willing to experiment more, you should dive into the offbeat path. If you think that only Hollywood is capable of producing some great movies, then you definitely need to dig deeper.

So, fasten your seatbelt and get all the necessary enlightenment you need regarding offbeat Bollywood cinema through our well-researched posts. Are you looking for some old offbeat movies to watch? Are you wondering about the banned offbeat movies that might cater to your taste? Do you want to watch a new offbeat movie but aren’t just sure which one to watch? Just check in to Bollywoodsite and start scrolling!