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Bollywood is filled with myriad of linkups, breakups, cat fights, competitions and silly confessions. Something astonishing is happening in the gleaming world of Bollywood every single day. Top Bollywood gossip is an incessant dose of entertainment and joy to its viewers. After all, we love to know our stars and each aspect of their life. Besides the stories that we watch on the silver screen, there are parallel stories running in our beloved Bollywood celebrities’ lives. Even though they try to keep everything under the wrap, but when millions of cameras are following you everywhere, it’s hard to prevent the disclosure.

Bollywood viewers would love to know about every single thing going on in their favourite celebrity’s life. They not only want to see the persona these actors play on the silver screen, but they want to dig deep and get to know the kind of person they are behind the scenes. That’s what makes these actors more real, and not just an image playing on our screens. That’s why you need to seek for the Best Bollywood gossip site that can give you unbiased and real news.

Bollywoodsite presents to you the top Bollywood gossip. We bring you all the latest gossips discovered directly from the living rooms of your favourite Bollywood celebrities. We have our eyes on every Bollywood scandal, breakup, divorce and cold war. Bollywood celebrities know how to grab our attention with their antics, words and actions. We make sure that the best of the news reach to your ears through our reliable sources.

Are you dying to know who is Ranbir Kapoor dating now? Do you want to know what Priyanka Chopra thinks of her contemporaries? Would you like to know about Shahrukh Khan’s next step in the industry? Stay tuned to Bollywoodsite, the best destination for all kinds of Bollywood gossip.