Bollywood Star Kids Who Flopped

No influential family can save a drowning career.

You might think that having an influential family is the only thing you need to be successful in Bollywood, but you are wrong. There are many star kids who could never become successful in Bollywood despite receiving numerous chances. Here is the hot Bollywood news. Take a look at this list of flop Bollywood star kids.

Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha Mukherjee has always been known as Kajol’s sister. She tried to establish herself in Bollywood, but due to a string of flop movies, she could not. Her gig in Bigg Boss didn’t prove fruitful enough to make her a part of the hot Bollywood news.



Son of the legendary actor, Mithun Chakraborty, Mimoh couldn’t create any magic on silver screen. We expected that he would have the talented genes of his father but we were wrong. After starring in a few flop movies, Mimoh has disappeared from the limelight.


Esha Deol

Daughter of the talented Hema Malin and Dharmendra, Esha Deol tried her luck in Bollywood. She was among the hot Bollywood news of that time. Despite getting many movies, she could never achieve the same success that her parents attained. After struggling in Bollywood for a few years, she bid farewell to the tinsel town.


Adhyayan Suman

Son of Shekhar Suman, Adhyayan Suman has only been a part of a few average movies. These days, he tries to be in the headlines of the hot Bollywood news by making some controversial statements, but they fail to revive his career. We hope that Adhyayan Suman finds his calling in some other field.


Suneil Anand

There is a possibility that many of you have not even heard of this name. Son of the evergreen Dev Anand, Suneil Anand acted in his last Bollywood movie in the year 2001. He has not appeared in any Bollywood movie since then. He prefers to work behind the cameras now.


Riya Sen

Granddaughter of the talented actress Suchitra Sen, Riya Sen couldn’t do a single substantial role that could bring her the same kind of respect that her grandmother enjoyed. She signed a few movies, but none of her role was powerful enough to captivate our attention. She has garnered negative publicity due to her off-screen persona.


Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan is famous as the son of the actor, Firoz Khan. He got many movies, but they didn’t help to move his career forward. His entire career is filled with flop movies. Unlike his father, Fardeen Khan doesn’t have any skill. He has left the glamorous life of tinsel town.


Aarya Babbar

Aarya Babbar has always appeared in supporting roles. His screen presence is not alluring enough to capture the viewers’ attention. That’s the reason he has always been content being in secondary roles. Aarya Babbar also appeared in Bigg Boss, but he couldn’t reach to the finals.


Jackky Bhagnani

Jackky Bhagnani is not as talentless as other actors that appeared on this list, but he is still not good enough to be the lead star of many Bollywood movies. He is the son of producer Vashu Bhagnani. Despite having the back of a producer father, Jackky Bhagnani couldn’t create any substantial movie for himself.


Uday Chopra

The son of legendary Yash Chopra and brother of the famous director Aditya Chopra, Uday Chopra seems to be the least talented human in his family. He has a permanent slot in Dhoom series, and that’s the only thing that defines his Bollywood career.


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