Bollywood Remakes That Should Not Have Been Made

Originals should have been left untouched

Bollywood has remade a lot of movies. Be it Hollywood or Tollywood, Bollywood seeks ‘inspiration’ from a number of movies and end up remaking them. There are times when Bollywood has recycled its own movies. We really don’t think that the idea of remake is that great because it just enforces the fact that Bollywood doesn’t have any originality. It is not a good feeling when Bollywood manages to butcher one of your favourite movies. That’s why Bollywood shouldn’t even try to remake some movies and leave them as they are. Here is what’s latest in Bollywood. Take a look at the list of a few Bollywood remakes that shouldn’t have been made.

RGV ki Aag

Sholay is one of the most iconic movies of Bollywood. Each and everything about the movie is perfect. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you can never not enjoy Sholay. Its each character has become so memorable that we can recite anyone’s dialogues in a blink. But Ram Gopal Verma dared to mess with Sholay. In fact, Amitabh Bachchan played a part in it. The result was horrendous, and the movie flopped on the Box Office. We wish he can direct something latest in Bollywood.

Ram gopal verma movie aag poster

Rowdy Rathore

The Telugu version of Rowdy Rathore, Vikramarkudu should have been left untouched. Not because the movie is sacred in any way, but it is so bad that it didn’t deserve to have a remake. Akshay Kumar acted really bad in the movie, and we are glad that he has moved on from working in the remakes of South Indian movies. His movies that are latest in Bollywood are focussing on more original scripts. It’s high time that Indian cinema should move from soulless dramas, weird cinematography, shitty dance sequences and over-the-top dialogues. Amidst movies like Aligarh and Masaan, it’s a shame that some Bollywood movies are still trying hard to be perfect remakes instead of perfect originals. Some movies that are latest in Bollywood are trying to step out of the comfort zone.


We are Family

The Hollywood movie, Step Mom, is a fine amalgam of emotions, comedy and drama. The movie won accolades and people praised the movie for its hooking content. But when Karan Johar tried to remake, he created a mess called We are Family. Dance numbers, unnecessary songs and cliche dialogues, that’s all we found in the remake. The movie couldn’t do well on the Box Office either. When Bollywood tries to remake a movie, in an effort to give it typical Bollywood touch, it drifts away from the core emotions of the movie. Since then, Karan Johar has stuck with Bollywood scripts, and all his movie that are latest in Bollywood are somewhat original.


Kyo kii… Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta

We laughed hard while watching Jim Carrey’s ridiculously funny movie, Liar Liar. Bollywood decided to remake the movie with Govinda. Fair enough. Govinda’s comic timing is applause-worthy, but we still couldn’t connect with the Bollywood remake in any way. It just failed to evoke the kind of laughter that Jim Carrey’s original movie managed to. Before creating a Jim Carrey’s movie, it would be great if Bollywood directors introspect and make sure that they are capable of pulling off these kind of movies.



Love Actually is one of the most romantic movies of Hollywood. Dealing with a vast array of emotions, Love actually tug at your heartstrings. Same cannot be said about its Bollywood remake, Salaam-e-ishq. The movie was a drag, and no actor could redeem it. Viewers can find themselves yawning multiple times while watching the movie.


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