Bollywood news & gossip- Saif Ali Khans daughters Sara Ali Khan to be launched by Karan Johar

There have been a lot of Bollywood news & gossip about the launch of Saif Ali khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan. Sara, is Saif’s daughter from his first marriage with Amrita Singh. Saif and Amrita got married in the year 1991 and got separated in 2004.

Now as Sara has grown up, Bollywood news & gossip about her launch have been doing rounds. Just a few days back there was Bollywood news & gossip about how Karan Johar was interested in launching Sara but Saif Ali khan was against it.

According to some Bollywood news & gossip, Saif didn’t want Karan to launch Sara as he doesn’t want Sara to follow Alia Bhatt’s footsteps. Apparently everyone in the industry talks about how over involved Karan Johar is in Alia Bhatt’s career and Saif doesn’t want that kind of effect on Sara’s career. Infact Kareena Kapoor and her friends, it seems talk about how Alia’s career wouldn’t be the same if Karan hadn’t launched her.

As per the Bollywood news & gossip, the source was also quoted saying that “While Kareena understands Saif’s line of thought, she feels one movie with Karan would do no harm to Sara’s career. She also promised Saif that she will make sure KJO does not get too involved in Sara’s career.”

But this seems old and wrong news now as just yesterday, we heard Saif Ali Khan confirming that Karan Johar will indeed be launching Sara Ali Khan.

Saif Ali Khan was recently heard saying “I am very happy to see Sara doing whatever she has her heart set on. We talk constantly and she discusses whatever she wants to and I give her my advice. But eventually it is her decision. I think she is going to (debut with Karan). I am very happy she is working with Karan Johar because I think he is brilliant with newcomers and he will launch her correctly. He is a very intelligent and a passionate filmmaker and he understands films. I am very pleased that she is with him.”

Well that’s not all when it comes to Bollywood news & gossip. This news was further confirmed when Sara Ali Khan was clicked at Shahid Kapoor’s birthday bash with Karan Johar. Check out the picture below.

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