Bollywood Movies That Will Make You Cry

Keep your tissues ready!

Bollywood takes us away from the reality and gives us the ride of a lifetime. Even though Bollywood has this habit of sticking with happy endings, but it doesn’t mean that a few Bollywood movies have not made us bawl our eyes out. Here is a list of Bollywood movies that will make you cry. Keep your tissues ready, as we are not responsible for the messiness you may create after watching these movies.

1. Taare Zameen Par

We cannot name one person who didn’t cry while watching the song ‘Meri Maa’. You just cannot stop yourself from weeping like the little child, Ishaan Avasthi. Throughout the movie, you form a deep bonding with each and every character. Hats-off to Aamir Khan for tackling the topic of dyslexia in such a sensitive way.

Aamir khan- in Taare zammen par

2. Rang De Basanti

The gang of Rang De Basanti made us laugh a lot. Rang De Basanti touched the heart of youth and arose the rebel inside each one of us. Not only did it remind us of our squad, but actually brought forward some serious issues. We dare you to not cry during climax.


3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

When someone is as cute as Munni, you are meant to shed a tear or two. During the final scene, Harshali Malhotra took away the heart of each viewer. And even the grownups were caught hiding their tears.

Bhajrangi bhaijaan-movie-poster

4. Kal Ho Na Ho

Shahrukh Khan knows how to emote, and that’s why he is one of the few actors who can make you cry easily. Throughout the movie, there were a few scenes that made us bawl. But the climax scene was the most painful one. Kal Ho Na Ho is not just another rom-com, but it reminds us to be thankful of each moment, as there is someone else who is fighting to live just one day more.


5. Border

It’s always an overwhelming experience to watch a movie based on army. But Border is still our favourite among all. A big salute to our army soldiers and no amount of words is enough for them. It is easy to forget about others when we are stuck in the mayhem of our own lives, but movies like Border remind us that there is someone on the border who is guarding us.

Border-movie -poster

6. Veer Zaara

If you love romance movies, Veer Zaara must be on your list. Late Yash Chopra captured the pain and struggle of separation beautifully. And despite the fact that the movie ends on a happy note, we just couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness due to the way the entire story turned out—beautifully, yet tragically.


7. Barfi

The concept of living together and dying together is an inevitable dream of every couple. Barfi showed this concept through Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor and reminded us why love is such a wistful affair.


8. Aashiqui 2

Many people cried in the theatre while watching Aashiqui 2. The ending was unexpected, and we just wanted things to get better. But Bollywood has started steering away from the usual happy endings and has begun showing us the reality. Not all stories are meant to end happily.


9. Tere Naam

Tere Naam is Salman Khan’s best performance till date. If there is one movie in which he showed the depth of his emotions, it is Tere Naam. The movie is quite depressing, and you’d feel extremely sad for Radhe. It is the kind of movie which makes you feel helpless, as you just cannot jump into the screen and make everything right for the characters.


10. Sholay

Let’s just agree. We love Bromance, and we hate if anything or anyone comes in between two good male friends. But some things are just inevitable. Amitabh Bachchan’s character made a place in our heart without even saying much, and when he died, we couldn’t stop crying!


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