Bollywood Movies That Do Not Deserve to be in 100 crore Club

Bollywood Movies that didn’t deserve to earn as much as they did.

Audience has always been kind for showering Bollywood movies with love, affection and lots of bucks. When we love a movie, we express it by making it enter into 100 crore club—the club which has become a permanent sign of success in Bollywood. But it doesn’t mean that all the movies that are a part of 100 crore club deserve to be in that place. Some movies are just not good enough, and yet due to inexplicable reasons they are still ruling the club. Here is a list of Bollywood movies that do not deserve to be in 100 crore club.

1. Happy New Year

Happy New Year was a big blow to SRK fans that went to watch the movie with lots of expectations. There was no storyline, no good songs and no good acting skills. Shahrukh Khan certainly degraded himself and his acting skills after doing a movie like Happy New Year. It really doesn’t matter that he tried to redeem all his wrong choices through his acting in FAN, as the perennial damage was already done due to movies like HNY. We really don’t know why audience went to watch the movie despite terrible reviews. Blame it on SRK’s fan following.


2. Dhoom 3

Even though Aamir Khan is known as the perfectionist in Bollywood, it doesn’t mean that he has never committed any mistake. And the biggest of his life was being a part of Dhoom 3. The over-the-top action scenes and baseless storyline certainly tortured us till no end. Dance sequences were the only good thing about the movie. Audience could have paid to watch Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif dancing impeccably, but letting the movie be a part of 100 crore club was shocking.


3. Kick

Who is the king of 100 crore club? Salman Khan. How? By remaking bad South Indian movies. It’s still surprising how Salman Khan manage to continuously rule the box office despite having so many haters. Maybe because he has got a very loyal fan following. Kick was a bad movie from the beginning till the end. It is impossible to sit and watch the entire movie in one go, as it makes you question your own brain cells. But the movie grossed 233 crores, so we are sure that some of his fans enjoyed the movie thoroughly.


4. Bodyguard

Bodyguard is the kind of movie which makes you wonder: Why couldn’t I burn my money instead of paying for its ticket? Yes, Bodyguard is THAT bad. The cringe-factor of the movie is almost applause worthy. We really do not understand what was going on in Salman Khan’s mind when he signed this movie.


5. Son of Sardaar

Ajay Devgn has got his own share of bad movies. For our Bollywood stars, ‘masala’ means to make as much of a ridiculous movie as you can, and then earn money. Son of Sardaar has got nothing watchable. And yet, people packed the theatres for the movie.



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