Bollywood Movies that Never Got Released

Movies that were banned by censor board

The Indian censor board can be pretty stern with various movies. While movies like Udta Punjab could see the light after making various unjustified cuts, but there are certain movies which remain in darkness. Despite having amazing storyline and superb cast, the movies got banned just because they didn’t meet certain criteria set by the censor board. It’s unfair, as it restricts the freedom of directors and actors. Censor board strangles the opinions, visions and imagination of Indian artists and controls what kind of content flows around. But it leads to huge losses for everyone involved behind these movies. Here is the list of a few Bollywood movies that never got released.

1. Bandit Queen

Bandit Queen was found indecent and vulgar by the censor board. Due to explicit sexual and violent scenes, the movie was not allowed to get released. Everyone is aware of Phoolan Devi’s story, and an ‘A’ rating would have been enough to release the movie. We really don’t know what censor board was trying to hide by not releasing the movie. It’s not like Indian adults are not intelligent enough to know the adversities and indecent tendencies that are very much present in our society anyway. A movie would not have done much harm.


2. Kamasutra – A Tale of Love

India is considered the land where Kamasutra originated. India’s history is rich with liberal ideas, and it is visible in the ancient statues. But unfortunately, instead of progressing, it seems like India is becoming more and more conservative. A movie like Kamasutra was considered unethical for the Indian society. It’s ironic to see a movie by this name getting banned in India. It’s high time that censor board removes the veil of ethics and morals and starts accepting things as they are—without labeling them.


3. Parzania

Parzania got banned in Gujarat, as it revolves around 2002 Gujarat riots. The movie is a very emotional story of a muslim boy who gets disappeared during the violent riots. A few people were against the movie while others appreciated it. The movie is a very sensitive topic for the people of Gujarat. A train full of Hindus was burnt by some Muslim fanatics, and it led to a huge mayhem causing Hindus to target the Muslim community of Gujarat. The consequence of the riots was terrible, and the pain still sustains inside the people who live there.


4. Inshallah, Football

The movie deals with the problems an ordinary Kashmiri civilian faces due to the constant terrorism that exists in the state. The movie would have helped Indians living in other parts of the country to understand the plight of an ordinary Kashmiri, but the movie never got released.


5. Fire

The movie, Fire, got banned in India after succumbing under the pressure created by various Hindu groups like Shiv Sena. The movie even had Shabana Azmi as the main lead along with Nandita Das. The movie deals with the lesbian relationship which develops between two sisters-in-law. Such a kind of relationship must have been hard to digest for a section of Indian audience.


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