Bollywood movies that made us cry-

Bollywood movies can make you laugh, cry and sometimes also wonder why was this movies ever made. We have listed out a few movies which had a strong emotional impact on the audiences and left most of them teary eyed. Let’s have a look-


1.Taare Zameen Par

Not one but several scenes from the movie made our eyes fill with tears. Seeing Darsheel trying to cope up in this competitive world while suffering from Autism was heart breaking. The one scene which did not leave a single eye dry in the theaters was the one when Darsheel is sent away to hostel.



This movie not only struck chords with NRI’s but also with the people residing in the country itself. The scene that set waves of emotion was the one where Shahrukh Khan after going back to the US is missing is hometown and is recalling the time he spent there. What made this scene is so special and emotional was A.R Rehman’s song ‘Yeh Jo Desh hai Mera’ playing in the background.

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3.Rang de Basanti

Although this movie starts on a very fun and light note showing a bunch of DU students driving around in their jeeps and having fun, towards the end of the movie most eyes were left moist. The part which left everyone sobbing was the funeral scene of Lieuntenant Ajay Singh Rathod who lost his life because of corruption. Making this scene even harder to watch was A.R Rehman’s song Luka Chupi which started playing as soon as Ajay’s mother opens the door to find his body lying there.


4.Bajrangi Bhaijaan

There were a number of scenes in this movie which made us laugh very hard. But the scene that went viral for making everyone who watched the movie cry was the climax of the movie where Munni speaks for the first time in her life and calls out to Salman Khan as ‘Mama’. This scene had a lot of emotions in it. The part where Salman khan and ‘Munni’ hug each other left a very warm feeling amongst all the viewers.


5.Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

The song ‘Chana Mereya’ being sung by Ranbeer Kapoor and his acting wonderfully complimenting the song made all of us watching the movie feel overwhelmed with emotions of love and sadness, leaving  a lot of us with moist eyes.


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